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Yellow Earth Pack

Great for acne, sebum and atopy skin

The strong absorbency of yellow earth neutralizes or dissolves Peroxidized Lipid that is toxic to human body and delays skin-aging to maintain younger-looking skin.  As the yellow earth is minuter than flour, they penetrate deep into the pores to discharge sebum and acne and to relieve atopy skin.


Yellow Earth Bricks

It is produced by strictly selected high-quality yellow earth of Naju.  The types of yellow earth walls are as follows:

Yellow Earth Block Walls: Yellow earth houses that are currently being built mostly uses yellow earth blocks.  Huge blocks rather than bricks are made with yellow earth, dried and piled to build houses.  When making the block, add chopped straws, stir sufficiently and shape in steel frames.  This frame can be made out of wood, but steel frames are easier to work with.  Put sufficiently stirred yellow earth with chopped straws into frame, take it out when it is shaped and dry it in shades.  It is best to make a greenhouse to avoid direct sunlight when drying the blocks.  It takes about two days to dry them.  The blocks are about 4~5 times larger than general bricks.  These blocks are dried completely in shades and piled to build houses.  When piling the blocks, add well-stirred mud on every layer to avoid void spaces between the blocks.  Also, cover the surfaces with the mud.  The textures of the blocks are uniquely elegant without any finishes.

Yellow Earth Brick Walls: Make bricks as making blocks to build houses.  If the bricks can be mass-produced, they would be the best materials for yellow earth houses.  Many people or companies study to mass-produce yellow earth bricks.  For example, Jeong-Deok Kim of Byeongcheon, Chungnam uses a machine that makes 10㎝×19㎝×32㎝ bricks of 10㎏ to produce yellow earth bricks.  About 4,000 bricks are needed to build a 1,067ft2-wide house.  Making yellow earth bricks is full of potential that anybody who is interested in yellow earth houses thinks about producing yellow earth bricks.  The higher quality of yellow earth houses built in shorter period of time depends on the yellow earth bricks.  Making yellow earth is classified into two methods: complete hand-making and machine-making.  The hand-making method is hand-mixing the yellow earth and shaping the bricks with frames.  This method makes high-quality bricks, but the surfaces are rough and the mass-production is impossible.  The machine-making method allows mass-production of delicately surfaced bricks, but the quality is slightly deteriorated.  Therefore, it is best to hand-make the brinks one by one to build good houses.

Poured-in Yellow Earth Wall: Think of the traditional method of pouring concrete into ready-made forms.  Make frames with wooden panels, pour yellow earth into the frame and cure it to make walls.  Concrete is poured at once, but yellow earth is poured in about 20㎝-wide scale.  When pouring in the yellow earth, it is important to avoid bubbles in the poured yellow earth.  The ground used for the frame should be free of moisture and the poured-in yellow earth should be compacted with bars.  It requires much labor.  The kind of houses made with pour-in walls has durable and beautiful walls.

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