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[ Yellow soil ]
[Yellow Earth]
The medical use of yellow earth is recorded in “Hyangyak Jipseongbang (鄕藥集成方; Medical Text; 1431)” that was publichsed by Chae Gwon (權採) et al during the reign of Joseon King Sejong,
[Muan Palbangmiin village]
Muan Yellow Earth abundantly contains Germanium great for anti-cancer, pains, weak immune system, anti-aging, detoxication and blood purification. Onions, garlic, sweet potatoes, water melons, cabbag...
[bonghwang hwangto village]
The strong absorbency of yellow earth neutralizes or dissolves Peroxidized Lipid that is toxic to human body and delays skin-aging to maintain younger-looking skin.
[Hwangto Village]
Yellow soil in Korea consists of yellow sands which drifted over hundreds of thousands of years from China. Catalase agent, diphenol oxythase agent, sacchrarse, protease are contained in the fertile...
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