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Characteristics of Shiitake
1. Characteristics of Shiitake

Shiitake is cultivated in various broad-leaved trees such as dead oaks from spring to autumn.  They are classified into wood cultivation and sawdust cultivation according to the location and into low temperature, mid temperature and high temperature according to the cultivated period.  Also, they are classified into Hwago, Donggo, Hyanggo, Hyangsan and Deungoe according to the degree of cracks and colors.  High-quality shiitake should have round or oval heads with thick heads spread less than 50%.  The colors should be reddish-brown or yellowish-cream and the heads should be cracked evenly like a turtle shell.  Also, they should be stored in 0~5℃ temperature.  

2. Efficacies of Shiitake

Shiitake has unique scent of Lentionine (C2H4S5) that clarifies the minds and strengthens the digestive organs.  Therefore, they are ingested for lost appetite, indigestion, lack of breast-milk and fatigue.  They are also used for medical uses as they are proven to contain carcinostatic substances.  Also, shiitake contains high guanylic acid to help blood circulation and reduce cholesterol to be great for high blood pressure and heart diseases.  .

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