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Chrysanthemum-scented Pillows
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Chrysanthemum-scented Pillows are made with chrysanthemums grown in the clean region by upstream Nam River.  The Chrysanthemum-scented Pillows of Nangseong Horticulture Complex were developed based on the research of Dr. Shik Shin Noh of Daejeon University’s affiliated Cheongju Oriental Hospital and the analysis of Dr. Woo Deok Heo of Korea Food Research Institute.  The pillows have been patented and recognized as Chungbuk’s local specialty in 2000 when it was awarded at the Tourist Souvenir Fair by Chungcheongbuk-do Province and KBS Cheongju Station. Chrysanthemum-scented pillows are made with perennial plants and the flowers of chrysanthemums to help with good sleep and prevent diseases.  In Eastern Medicine, chrysanthemums are known to treat various fever-causing illnesses.  Specifically, it treats dizziness, redness of eyes, skin infection, paralysis, and lower back pain.  It also removes fever in the chest and comforts the stomach for good flow of energy.  When used for a long time, it enhances the flow of energy and blood and contributes to longevity.  According to Ilhwaja, inserting chrysanthemums in pillows will brighten the eyesight.  In medical use, it cools down wounds to prevent inflammation.  As described above, chrysanthemum pillows have been developed to help patients who are suffering from high blood pressure or paralysis, headaches with unknown cause, migraine due to bad blood circulation in the cerebrum, or dizziness.  These pillows also help you recover from hangover.  








Address: Nangseong Horticulture Complex, 260 Hojeong-ri Nangseong-myeon Cheongwon-gun, Chungbuk

Tel: 043)225-8251 / Mobile: 011-461-8251

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Chrysanthemum-scented Pillows
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