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Punggi Insam Village
Punggi Ingyun(rayon)

Introduction and Origin
Introduction and Origin: Another indigenous of Punggi is the Punggi Ingyun.The climate of Punggi of clean water, unpolluted air is good for industry of natural textile. Ingyn is a pure natural textile extracted from pulps. This industry was started from 1930 with silk factory.

Kinds of Ingyun and Features
Kinds of Ingyun and Features: Ingyun is one of natural textile. By special processing, it is used for material of clothes in summer season.

Production Status
Production Status: In the past, conventional method had been used for making Ingyun in Punggi-eup. Now, there is a industrial complex having moderated instruments for producing Ingyun. Manufacturing factories of 150 are producing 150 million yards of Ingyun, nylon and polyester per year.

Usage of Ingyun
Usage of Ingyun: it is used for making clothes and bedclothes for summer seasons. It is cheaper than other summer clothe and more durable cloth.

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