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[ Pottery ]
[Traditional Earthenware ]
Earthenware is vessels made by borrowing the minimum amount of earth, water, fire, and wind from the nature. Earthenware includes both clayware and earthenware with dark glaze.
[Colorful Rice Crackers]
Rice crackers are traditional Korean snacks made with rice flour.
[Ink stone]
The history of Korean ink stone began before the Nakrang dynasty which is before the Kogurye. When people hear ink stone, they first imagine the black Boryeong Nampo ink stone.
[Oegosan onggi village]
Onggy is traditional fermenting and preserving containers of our ancestors. As they are created with earth, they are not contaminative and can be used not only for food preservation, but also for dec...
[Ceramic Village]
There are many ceramic artists handing down the beauty of traditional pottery design with their passion for the beauty from the earth and the fire turning into porcelain. Those ceramic arts manufactur...
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