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[ Folk craftwork ]
[Cheongryeojang Walking Sticks]
Cheongryeojang Walking Sticks
[Straw Craft]
Straw craft uses the stems of rice plants.
[Specialties (Bokjori)]
[Sindae Village’s 400-year-old traditional Bokjori comes in various sizes for various purposes (cars, interior decoration, etc), raising its popularity.
[Writing Brush]
Characteristics: Various creations of ours have been selected in national craft competitions. Products: Special Daejangbong, Daejangbong, Sets, etc Partner Company: Cheonghodang (Gye-Su Park) 288-1...
[Baekkot Village]
The indigo dyeing in this region is a revival of the traditional indigo dyeing method. Its effect and beauty are famous nationwide. Byeong-Un Yun (Birthdate: April 3, 1921) and Gwan-Chae Jeong (Birthd...
[Ganggyeong Jeokkal Market Village]
Chatsang is a name of table for drinking tea.Table culture is presumed before Kyorye and there are stories about it in 「Lacquer Inderstrial Art-Chil Gongye」, 「Small table-Soban」. by Kwon Sang Ho. Tabl...
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