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Songnisan Village
Borisu Yumju

Yumju is the bead that is able to think like a human being and is used when a Buddhist is praying or is in worship, uttering the name of Buddha in complete meditation without being disturbed by distracting thoughts. It helps a Buddhist remember the number of Yumbul(Buddhist invocation,  the repetition of sacred name of Amida) and there are 108 Yumju and 1000 Yumju.

Linden-tree is well-known as the tree under which Buddha realized the truth. Its original name is Balda which means the tree of realization. In about 1400, it was transplanted from India to Korea's famous temples, one of which is still existing here in Bubju temple of Mt. Songni. The four linden-trees of Bubju temple are standing in front of Daewoongbojun. Each tree, 500~600 years old, is growing in four points of a square and the fruit of it is the source for Yumju.

Borisu Yumju
Borisu Yumju is regarded as the best in various literatures and it is good to do Yumbul(the Buddhist invocation) with the Yumju made from Borisu. The more you do the Yumbul with the Borisu-made Yumju, the better and harder its surface becomes. Its color is also brilliant. The Yumju made from Borisu is called Borija.

There is no disturbance or distraction when doing Yumbul with the Borija. To have Borija with body can keep the mind in peaceful rest and attract the good fortune, making evil man have goodness.

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