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Cheongryeojang Walking Sticks
Cheongryeojang Walking Sticks
Traditional Earthenware
Earthenware is vessels made by borrowing the minimum amount of earth, water, fire, and wind from the nature. Earthenware includes both clayware and earthenware with dark glaze.
Chrysanthemum-scented Pillows
Description Chrysanthemum-scented Pillows are made with chrysanthemums grown in the clean region by upstream Nam River.
Straw Craft
Straw craft uses the stems of rice plants.
Colorful Rice Crackers
Rice crackers are traditional Korean snacks made with rice flour.
Specialties (Bokjori)
[Sindae Village’s 400-year-old traditional Bokjori comes in various sizes for various purposes (cars, interior decoration, etc), raising its popularity.
Ink stone
The history of Korean ink stone began before the Nakrang dynasty which is before the Kogurye. When people hear ink stone, they first imagine the black Boryeong Nampo ink stone.
Writing Brush
Characteristics: Various creations of ours have been selected in national craft competitions. Products: Special Daejangbong, Daejangbong, Sets, etc Partner Company: Cheonghodang (Gye-Su Park) 288-1...
Yellow Earth
The medical use of yellow earth is recorded in “Hyangyak Jipseongbang (鄕藥集成方; Medical Text; 1431)” that was publichsed by Chae Gwon (權採) et al during the reign of Joseon King Sejong,
Andong Hemp
Hemp has been the longest and most widely used fabric of the world and is the friendliest fabric to Koreans. In particular, the climate and soil of Andong of Gyeongbuk is the most suitable for hemp cu...
Okjeongho Village
Among many specialties of our village, mushrooms, young deer antlers, hemps and persimmon vinegars are systematically managed and tried to be produced as close to the nature as possible by the produce...
Muan Palbangmiin village
Muan Yellow Earth abundantly contains Germanium great for anti-cancer, pains, weak immune system, anti-aging, detoxication and blood purification. Onions, garlic, sweet potatoes, water melons, cabbag...
bonghwang hwangto village
The strong absorbency of yellow earth neutralizes or dissolves Peroxidized Lipid that is toxic to human body and delays skin-aging to maintain younger-looking skin.
youngjeon yellowcher village
Shiitake, one of Korea’s most popular mushrooms, help stimulate appetites, indigestion, high blood pressure and heart diseases.
Oegosan onggi village
Onggy is traditional fermenting and preserving containers of our ancestors. As they are created with earth, they are not contaminative and can be used not only for food preservation, but also for dec...
Hwangto Village
Yellow soil in Korea consists of yellow sands which drifted over hundreds of thousands of years from China. Catalase agent, diphenol oxythase agent, sacchrarse, protease are contained in the fertile...
Ceramic Village
There are many ceramic artists handing down the beauty of traditional pottery design with their passion for the beauty from the earth and the fire turning into porcelain. Those ceramic arts manufactur...
Baekkot Village
The indigo dyeing in this region is a revival of the traditional indigo dyeing method. Its effect and beauty are famous nationwide. Byeong-Un Yun (Birthdate: April 3, 1921) and Gwan-Chae Jeong (Birthd...
Ganggyeong Jeokkal Market Village
Chatsang is a name of table for drinking tea.Table culture is presumed before Kyorye and there are stories about it in 「Lacquer Inderstrial Art-Chil Gongye」, 「Small table-Soban」. by Kwon Sang Ho. Tabl...
Songnisan Village
Yumju is the bead that is able to think like a human being and is used when a Buddhist is praying or is in worship, uttering the name of Buddha in complete meditation without being disturbed by distra...
Hahoe Village
Among they many Korean masks, only Hahoe masks were designated as a National Treasure (No. 121, Byeongsan Mask included). They are a precious cultural heritage and world masterpiece.
Punggi Insam Village
Another indigenous of Punggi is the Punggi Ingyun.The climate of Punggi of clean water, unpolluted air is good for industry of natural textile. Ingyn is a pure natural textile extracted from pulps. Th...
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