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Gaegun Korean Beef
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Gaegun Korean Beef

Gaegun Korean Beef, grown around Naeri, earns an annual revenue of 3,000 million won for 94 farms that raise 1,222 cows (annually around 500 cows are processed) Chwoohoe is a district association of farmers, whose majority is Naeri villagers. The National Agricultural Produce Quality Control has awarded a quality guarantee to the region’s Gaegun castrated beef; an award in the 2003 Meat Quality Competition added to the high-quality brand of the beef that is very popular in many cities.


Sales : Gageun Nonghyeop (031)772-0333

          Sansuyu Village Committee Chairman : 011-9723-8680

Wild Rocambole

Wile Rocambole, called Dallae in Korean, is also calles Sosan, Yasang and Sansan. The potherb grows in mountains and fields, and its root and leaf can be eaten. In oriental medicine, Dallae’s stem is used as a medicine for stomachache and insect bites.


Yangpyeong Sansuyu Village harvest dallae from December to January. With Ssuksae, the potherb adds around twenty five million won to the village’s revenue. Enjoy the fresh scent of dallae with doenjangjjigae or dallaemuchim!


Also called hyeonchae, bideumnamul, saebireum, Bireum is harvested from March to October every year. The potherbs contributes around 100 million won annually to the village revenue.

The flower is both-sex, and blossoms in July. It has three stamen, and one pistil with a style that separates into three. Fruit is oval shaped, and bears seed. The delightful taste of young bireum grown on the fields of Sansuyu Village is highly recommended.

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Gaegun Korean Beef
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