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Toseong-folk Village
Pungmiyuk (Delicious meat)

1. Introduction of Cheorwon Pungmiyuk 
It is produced according to standard rearing management developed by Konkuk University Animal Resources Research Center entrusted for producing distinctive high-class Korean beef cattle. Cheorwon region's characteristics amd environmental condition lead to excellent tasting juicy beef favored by nature including clean water and fresh air.
  In addition to its great taste it is low in.  Unsaturated fatty which is good for keeping cholesterol in interior of the body low.  Production is high enough to keep taste and freshness always consistant.   

2. propulsion state of  "Cheorwon Pungmiyuk" production project
- "Cheorwon Pungmiyuk " pilot breeding : 1999.3-2001.7 
- "Cheorwon Pungmiyuk " program development briefing and sampling party : 2001.7.19 
- "Cheorwon Korean beef Pungmiyuk propulsion committee" organization  : 2001.11.30
- "Cheorwon Pungmiyuk " application of trade mark  : 2002.2.2
  brand name: "Cheorwon Pungmiyuk " 
- "Cheulrwon Pungmiyuk " provender sending out : 2002.3.28 

3. "Cheorwon Pungmiyuk ' pilot breeding 
- Term :'99.3-'01.7 
- Place : Cheorwon livestock cooperative breeding farm
- Working expenses : about $75,000
- Cooperator : Cheorwon livestock cooperative 
- Research organization : Konkuk University Animal Resources Research Center 
- Number of cattle tasted : 40 (bullock) 
- Contents : number of tasted 40 (10 per district, breeding in divided 4 districts) 

Cheongjeongyuk(uncontaminated meat)

Introduction of Cheorwon Cheongjeongyuk
Cheorwon Cheongjeongyuk is produced in font line of the truce line. 

After production, butchering, and quick freezing, the product is passed through a quality testing process and sorted by parts and class. Fresh products are supplied  to consumers through a cold distribution system
. pig reared in uncontaminated area of Cheorwon affected by severe daily temperature has superior freshness and tastes good. 

- produced in uncontaminated of DMZ
- produced and processed by sanitary latest facilities 
- freshness is solid and taste is good 
- smells no 
- color is scarlet, fresh 

3. History of meat processing factory
1990.4 approval butchery of the governor of Gangwon-do 
1990.7 purchasing site (520, Guntan-ri Galmal-eup Cheorwon Couty and two fields) 
1992.2 butchery completion 
1992.5 Selection as a association targeting meat processing factory establishment from
          the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry and Fishery 
1992.12 butchery beginning by butchery temporary using approval 
1993.12 the first meat processing factory completion 
1994.11 butchery and meat processing factory completion 
1995.5 the second meat processing factory starting work 
1995.12 the second meat processing factory completion 
1996.5 beginning export pork to Japan 
1998.9 " Cheorwon Cheongjeongyuk" self-brand mark registration 
1999.1 Starting Construction export facilities modernization 
1999.7 Completion Construction export facilities modernization 
1999.11 livestock farming hygiene (HACCP) facilities improvement program starting 
2000.7 livestock farming hygiene (HACCP) facilities improvement program Completion 
2001.7 Korean beef processing factory and HACCP repletion starting 
2001.9 Korean beef processing factory and HACCP repletion completion 
2000.7 expectation designated workshop of application of HACCP   

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