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Bamduduk Village
Bos Taurus Coreanae, Hoengseong ( Korean cow called 'Hanwoo' )

Hoengseong Hanwoo is juicy, and softly chewy with good flavor. It is helpful to smooth blood circulation and to prevent geriatric disease due to unsaturated fatty acid. The meat is still soft and juicy even after heating.
It is a high grade protein food which contains a lot of amino acid, raisin, and sulfur amino acid. A large amount of glutamine acid is a main cause of excellent taste and quality. 

Quality guarantee condition of agricultural indigenous products
- Product name: Hoengseong Hanwoo
- Beurkundung contents: quality beurkundung (11-10-14), quality guarantee (Gangwon 01-15-01), green Gangwon Gangwon 09-08)

To keep good taste, fragrance, and freshness…
- After butchery, mature Hanwoo meat should keep in the refrigerator under 0~4'C for good taste and promoting meat quality. 4~7 days are appropriate period for meat mature. After the maturing period, the meat gets bright red color and good elasticity.
- Stored mature Hanwoo meat need to be wrapped tightly for not to be dried out. The appropriate refrigerating temperature is 0~4'C.

* Hoengseong National Stockbreeding Cooperative Federation
82-33-343-0004 Wubhari 117-1 Hoengseong-eup Hoengseong-gun

* Hoengseong Hanwoo Plaza
82-33-345-6161 Woohangri 585-3 Woochunmyon Hoengseong-gun   
Phone number : 82-33-343-1335, 82-11-9790-1335 
Electronic mail :

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