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Pig Farming
8 farms breed 1,200 pigs, which is the main source of income of Ssamji Village.
SangMyung Jeongnang Village in Jeju Special Self Governing province is proud of clear air, clean water, unpopulated green glass, and has been making an effort to produce best quality pork through the ...
Korean Beef Cattle
SangMyung Jeongnang village has been modernizing installations including cattle sheds and automation machines to supply customers with safe and high quality cattle This village has been raising ca...
Korean beef cattle
Korean beef cattle are the best for the taste of Korean.
Korean Beef Cattle
Korean beef cattle. Korean’s pride! Korea beef cattle have co existed with Korean since prehistoric era and had played an important role to support economics. The Korean beef cattle bred in Shimgo...
Korea-bred Meat
We used to utilize cattle to cultivate the farms in the past, but most cattle these days are grown for meat. Korea-bred meat is expensive, but many people prefer it because of its good taste. Gwangy...
Gueok Village of Jeju Special Self-governed Province is a clean region great for livestock farming. With its clear air, clean water, and blue grass, Gueok Village grows quality pork with advanced tec...
Korea-bred Meat
Among Korea-bred cattle, cows weigh 300kg and oxen weigh 420kg. However, oxen that are grown with specially formulated milk can grow up to 450-530kg in only 18 months from birth. Compared to the ord...
Korea-bred Meat
We used to utilize cattle to cultivate the farms in the past, but most cattle these days are grown for meat.
Korea-bred Beef
Jeongseon Korea-bred beef is juicy, tasty, and tender. Beef contains unsaturated fatty acid that helps blood circulation and prevents adult diseases.
Native Black Pig
This is a type of native pig that only lives in Jeju Special Self-governed Province of Korea.
Hobanjoryu is located in Gwangpan-2-ri Namsan-myeon, Gangwon-do and breeds and sells decorative and pet birds. Its garden also has many wild flowers and provides many attractions with birds and flowe...
Native Korean Onion Meat
Native Korean onion meat is high-quality native Korean meat produced by feeding 3.6kg of specially coordinated onion feed with Muan onions a day for six months.
Gaegun Korean Beef
Gaegun Korean Beef Gaegun Korean Beef, grown around Naeri, earns an annual revenue of 3,000 million won for 94 farms that raise 1,222 cows (annually around 500 cows are processed) Chwoohoe is a distr...
Native-bred Cows
Natural cows bred and raised in deep mountains with clear waters Baksagol has various attractions, but the most unique scene is the cows that are raised in an open prairie. Hakjeong Native-bred Cow...
Mul Tong Gol Korean Beef
Korean meat, Codonopsis lancerolata, Hanbong honey and Eustoma grandiflorum produced in Multonggol Village are the income resources of the village. Although they take a small portion of the income, i...
Maisan Village
The black pork produced in Maisan Village of Jinan is patented as “KKandoya” for product differentiation and the DNA of Jinan Black Pork is characteristically proven. Also, they have high-quality mea...
Cheongwan Village
Selected pure breeds of Korean cows are raised strictly according to Shiitake Korean Cow of Jangheung program and grown with specialized micro-organic shiitake feed and fresh and healthy grass among t...
Gangjin Korean Beef
very good quality's Korean beef
Yeoju Greentour Village
Ostrich has lived for 70000000 years on earth and strong at environment and diseases. It lives for 70 years and it's the longest among animals. It does not carry any virus to human, so developed as a ...
Gimnyeong Haenyeo Village
The native pig of Jeju is called "Blackpig" because the bristle is black. Grazing naturally in the Jeju-Hanra mountain using organic farming or pollution free pesticide, the quality of meat is very go...
Punggi Insam Village
Introduction and Origin: Beef from YoungJu cow is delicious. By the efforts of YoungJu city and people, the YoungJu beef is famous for its quality and taste. By the developing system for high quality ...
Toseong-folk Village
It is produced according to standard rearing management developed by Konkuk University Animal Resources Research Center entrusted for producing distinctive high-class meat of Korean beef cattle. suita...
Bamduduk Village
Hwengsung Hanwoo is juicy, and softly chewy with good flavor. It is helpful to smooth blood circulation and to prevent geriatric disease due to unsaturated fatty acid. The meat is still soft and juicy...
samsaeng Village
High-class Hongcheon Korean beef is a high quality meat that was judged according to Nulpreum program by feeding only ferment provender developed at first in Korea by Kangwon University and Hongcheon ...
38seon Village
38seon village grow the milking cow. The village has best environment for the cows because of the abundant grass and water. Growing cow recently has been developed like an enterprise business. So, ...
Hampyeong mud sauna Village
The beef of Cheonji, Hampyeong has the most germanium in Korea. The stock farm is spread along the seashore; in an uncontaminated raising environment raised with fibroid feed (ingredients: corn, corn ...
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