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Mushrooms is consists of hypha, which performs sexual reproduction among the funguses, and produces the fruit body (mushroom), it is the sexual organ like the flower of a plant

The Functions

Mushrooms are parasitic on many trees especially on dead grass or trees and dissolve the organic matter and return it to the ecosystem. Some mushrooms make mycorhiza with plants and exchange water and nutrition together.

Lentinus edodes

Dangjin Lentinus edodes has high nutrition, it has 18~20% of protein and 65% of soluble Inorganic Nitrogenous, 7% of fibers. It can be farmed in a place with no pollution without fertilizer or chemicals, so this is a pure environmentally friendly agricultural product. It has low fat, high fiber, minerals and vitamins, and especially, it has vitamin D which is a vitamin that other products usually don’t have. Also Lentinus edodes has nature seasoning ingredient that will make you food taste better.

Pleurotus ostreatus

This has high vitamins, minerals and proteins so its taste and smell is very good. It has low calories, high protein, and it is a no-polluted natural product. Dangjin Pleurotus ostreatus Research Institute is putting many efforts to study cultivating techniques in order to produce most amounts and the best quality products, also they are producing all 4 seasons after successfully cultivated in summer.


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Phellinus linteus(Mushroom)>>
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