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samsaeng Village

Yeongji is Pullovho appeared in Sipjangsaengdo symbolizing health and long life. Seoseok yeonggi is harmonized with nature of 350m height and clean first grade water. Due to severe gab of daily temperature, it is thick and color is deep so it is popular to many people. If you feel pottery taste of yeonggi, you can enjoy it with licorice root and jujube.

It is used chiefly as a medicinal herb, makes blood clean, has effect on controlling the nerves, blood pressure and heart. 

Production process
1) Purchasing raw timber 2)cutting timber 3)piling up raw timber 4) wrapping work 5)sterilization 6) disinfection 7) inoulation 8)cultivation 9)unfolding cut timber 10)taking off vinyl and covering with sand 11)management pg growing 12)harvesting 13)dryness

Caution of taking
1) The effect of the ling chiu mushrooms increase in proportion to prolonged use.
2) Because the useful component is united with a bitter taste it is good to take it as it is.
3) Person that takes something bitter not very well takes the boiled liquid adding licorice, jujube, Chinese matrimony vine, sickle senna, or drink with honey.
4) Use fresh and perfect shape as positive breed.

Recipe of Yeongji Tea
1) Prepare sliced yeongji 100g
2) Prepare a half toe jujube
3) Fill the pot with water fully, boil it with ling chiu mushrooms and jujube for 2 hours
4) For increasing in the quantity of extraction abstraction boil once for two hours, twice for one hour, three times for one hour and then mix, drink
5) It tastes better to drink with honey, sugar, licorice

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