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[ Phellinus linteus(Mushroom) ]
[Songi Mushroom]
Songi mushroom is another specialty of Yangyang.
[Shiitake Mushroom]
Shiitake mushroom grow on broad-leaved trees, such as oaks, chestnut trees, and Carpinus laxiflora from spring to autumn.
Mushrooms is consists of hypha, which performs sexual reproduction among the funguses, and produces the fruit body (mushroom), it is the sexual organ like the flower of a plant
[Pleurotus ostreatus]
This leaf grows on old broad leaved trees, and usually grows in late fall. Leaf mustard is 5∼15cm width half circle or fan shape and short stems grow to the side way.
[Agaricus bisporus]
Agaricus bisporus is farmed in the USA, France, Argentina, China, Japan and Korea in Asia, also Korea is famous for its exporting industry.
[Ganoderma lucidum]
Ganoderma lucidum is a type of mushroom that grows off of broad-leaved trees. The herb of eternal youth in the paintings of 10 eternal living things is Ganoderma lucidum and it is originated from Kor...
Agaricus is also called wizard mushroom. Originated from Brazil, it is a very mysterious mushroom that exclusively grows in certain high-temperature and high-humidity climates and soils.
[Phellinus linteus]
『Phellinus linteus』 originated from China. It is written as 『桑黃』(yeast on mulberry tree) in Chinese characters and is called 『Lignum Mud Mushroom』 in Korea. Phellinus linteus is Basidiomycota perenn...
[Moheung Hwangto Village]
It was drawn as a herb of eternal youth in Sibjangsaengdo (ten animals of longest life span). Jinsiwhang was said to undertake a search for it.
[Gigye Village]
The sanghwang mushrooms in Gigye Village are raised in well watered surroundings, with appropriate temperature, adequate moisture, and fine ventilation. They are always carefully and sincerely cared f...
[samsaeng Village]
Yeongji is Pullovho appeared in Sipjangsaengdo symbolizing health and long life. Seoseok yeonggi is harmonized with nature of 350m height and clean first grade water. Due to severe gab of daily temper...
[Bongseogol Village]
The name of Sanhwang mushroom originates from the mulberry tree and the Korean word for yellow and it means the yellow mushroom which grows on the mulberry tree. It lives for many years and is a hard ...
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