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* Araliaceous Shrubs

 Araliaceous Shrubs are also called Acanthopanax in generic term.  Acantho means that it has thorns and Panax means that it treats all illnesses.  Therefore, it is `a thornful plant that treats all illnesses`.  Araliaceous shrubs are arbors that lose their leaves in winter.  They were started to be studied as healthy food in the former Soviet Union in early 1960s.  They were called Syberian Ginseng in the Soviet Union, 刺五加 (Jaoga) in China, and Araliaceous Shrubs in Korea.

Araliaceous shrubs resemble mountain ginseng in appearance.   

Their leaves are almost identical to those of mountain ginseng.  They both grow in deep mountain shades with high humidity, but mountain ginseng is a perennial plant whereas Araliaceous shrubs are arbors.  

According to the Soviet Union and China, Araliaceous shrubs scientifically have extraordinary efficacies considering their wide distribution, easy cultivation, chemical substances, medical contents, contribution to metabolism, dosage, and possible side effects and have been used for foods, medicine, and cosmetics.  The Soviet Union used to export over US $50 million worth of Araliaceous shrubs to the US a year.

A science magazine in England once introduced how the Soviet Union had its national players for the Moscow Olympics drink special Araliaceous shrub extract as a special issue and Germany and Japan started selling its extract as a healthy supplement.

Araliaceous shrubs that are widely enjoyed around the world as a healthy supplement were also introduced in Korean market as extracts or drinks, but are no longer produced as Korea has insufficient raw materials.  

A drink type in vinyl bags is still produced, but it contains Araliaceous shrubs with Eucommia ulmoides, dried Achyranthes japonica, Ligusticum hultenii, and Cornus officinalis.  It is still popular as MSG-free health supplement.

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