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Hwangtogumi Village
Woosan goroseoi

What is Woosan goroseoi?
It is a deciduous broadleaved tree which is distributed between 300~900m above sea level in Ulleung island.
It has opposite leaves which have a long petiole and palmate shape. The leaves are 10cm in length and width each and split into 5~9 pieces.
Its hermaphrodite flowers bloom in light yellow color  It has 5 calyxes and 5 oval shape leaves. There are 8 stamens and the style is split into 2 and is bent backward. It has key fruits whose size is 4~4.5cm in length and 1.7cm in width when ripe.
Compared to the goroseoi tree{A. mono Maxim.}, it doesn't have hair on its  branchs and the fruits are bigger.
The name is originated from a word meaning benefit to bone. In Chinese medicine, the ingestion of sap is prescribed to patients who suffer from a gastroenteric trouble, tuberculosis, neuralgia and arthritis. To collect the goroseoi sap, a hole is drill in the tree and a hoseis put into it. The sap is collected in late Feb. ~ mid Mar. every year. The leaves are use as a hemostatic, and the root and root peeling are used to set bone fractures and to relieve arthritis.
There are similar kinds of trees such as long goroseoi, hair goroseoi, king goroseoi, mountain goroseoi, pincers goroseoi and red goroseoi.

Heath and Woosan goroseoi
The fragrance of woosan goroseoi sap is different from the fragrance of sap collected in other places. It has a faint sweet scent of ginseng. Among the various effects of goroseoi on health, the most important one is the effect on osteoporosis, in elderly people and women due to its high calciuim content.
According to the National Insitute of Health, the goroseoi sap contains 10 kinds of minerals including calcium, which is important for bone generation, and potassium, which controls blood pressure.

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