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[ Mono maple ]
[Araliaceous Shrubs]
* Araliaceous Shrubs Araliaceous Shrubs are also called Acanthopanax in generic term. Acantho means that it has thorns and Panax means that it treats all illnesses. Therefore, it is `a thornful pl...
[Gamgol village]
Dongsang Gamgol Village is busy collecting painted maple saps from early March to April. The saps of painted maples are sweet and odorless. The painted maple saps collected in Dongsang Gamgol Villag...
[Gorosoe Village]
The specialties of Gwangyang Gorosoe Village are painted maple saps, Korean honey and mountain greens/herbs.
[Chunnyangmok Pine-mushroom Village]
The geographical shape of the village is similar with a Korean traditional measuring device of rectangle bowel, du(斗) after which it is named Dunae(斗內 – the inner side of the du).
[Hwangtogumi Village]
It is a deciduous broadleaved tree which is distributed between 300~900m above sea level in Ulleung island. It has opposite leaves which have a long petiole and palmate shape. The leaves are 10cm in ...
[Sadam Dongchon Village]
It grows spontaneously at 500-1000m above sea level. It belongs to the broad-leaf maple tree family.
[Baekhakdong Village]
It belongs to the maple tree. Especially GOSOSEI of GWANGYANG has a legend that when DOSUNGUKSA was praying, he couldn’t stretch his knees. During the time he stood up leaning the tree, the branches...
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