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Healthy Food [Listing]
Wood-cultivated Ginseng
Wood-cultivated ginseng is referred to ginsengs that are grown wild after spreading seeds of wild ginseng in deep mountain
Muan Yaksil_Herb
Duduk, Shiho and Omija are the representative herbs of Muan Yaksil village. Duduk was also called sasam for it has better effect than sansam, and it was used for both medicine and food.
seven_Agricultural produce introduction_Ginseng
Ginseng is slow-growing perennial plants with fleshy roots, in the Panax genus, in the family Araliaceae. Its roots are used for medicine and it is called ginseng(Insam in Korean) for it has the shape...
The ginseng produced in Jangjeolgong village with clean water and beautiful mountains has excellent taste and flavor
Chunnyuncho Cactus
Chunnyuncho is Korean traditional palm cactus that can endure as cold as -40℃ and as high as 50℃. It can survive sunken in the water to be one of the strongest plants in the world.
Omija is a perennial magnolia family plant of a deciduous vine type. Around June~July, long flower stalks grow from leaf axils and fragrant flowers of red and white colors with 6~8 petals bloom by han...
Ginseng Products
Jeungpyeong uses ginseng, one of its major specialties, to produce various products.
Native honey of Eumjeong Village is gathered in the traditional way. The beekeepers of Eumjeong Village have spent most of their lives with bees and have accumulated experiences and know-how’s in pre...
Painted Maple Sap
Painted maple is a broad-leaved tree that grows on high mountains (500-1500m above sea level).
Honey is a natural sweetener that has been used by man for the longest time. Honey is a natural food, but it can be stored for a long time without any preservatives.
Painted maple sap
Painted maple sap is the liquid that flows inside the tree. Painted maple is a broad-leaved tree that naturally grows up to 20m in height, on high mountains (500-1,000m in altitude above sea level).
Deer Antler
Deer lose the antlers when they are grown to a certain point. If you cut the antlers after 60-65 days, you can get quality deer antler. If you cut the antlers after 45 days, the antlers grow back fo...
Native Honey
Haeham Village has been collecting honey for a long time to use as medicine and food.
Jangnoi Ginseng
The seeds of mountain ginseng are gathered and spread in the mountains to be cultured in wild.
Songi Mushroom
Songi mushroom is another specialty of Yangyang.
Mountain Greens, Native Honey
Mountain greens are edible greens grown in the mountains.
Native Honey
Native honey is found in most parts of the world where there are flowers. However, Korea’s native honey has been well-known for its taste and nutritional value, as Korea has desirable geographical co...
Native Honey
Honey is a great nutritional food that contains minerals (calcium, iron), vitamins, and amino acids.
Shiitake Mushroom
Shiitake mushroom grow on broad-leaved trees, such as oaks, chestnut trees, and Carpinus laxiflora from spring to autumn.
Wild Herbs
Various wild mushrooms and herbs are gathered from mountains that are 15,000m or higher, such as Mt. Bangtae, Mt. Odae, and Mt. Gaein in Hongcheon-gun and Inje-gun.
Native Honey
Honey is an ideal health supplement that contains protein, minerals, amino acids, vitamins B1, B2, and E, biotin, folic acid, etc., along with other substances also known to be beneficial to our bodie...
Specialties (Mountain Greens and Herbs)
Because the northern part of the village adjoins the Armistice Line, its mountains are filled with various Oriental herbs, such as mountain ginseng, Codonopsis lancerolata, Araliaceous shrubs, Aralia ...
Mushrooms is consists of hypha, which performs sexual reproduction among the funguses, and produces the fruit body (mushroom), it is the sexual organ like the flower of a plant
Herb & Life
Herbs have bright flower colors, and smell grassy. Even though it is dried, it contains water, so it is popular for potpourri. Pick the flower before it blossoms and use the dried or fresh leaves for ...
Pleurotus ostreatus
This leaf grows on old broad leaved trees, and usually grows in late fall. Leaf mustard is 5∼15cm width half circle or fan shape and short stems grow to the side way.
Agaricus bisporus
Agaricus bisporus is farmed in the USA, France, Argentina, China, Japan and Korea in Asia, also Korea is famous for its exporting industry.
Jeungpyeong Ginseng
inseng is grown deep in the mountains and is used for medicines. Generally, a ginseng grows straightly each year up to 60cm in length and sprouts 3~4 leaves on its end.
Introducing Native Discorea batatas
Small pieces of Discorea batatas are planted in spring and grown for about a year. After the first frost, they are harvesting using forted rakes. Nowadays, some large-scale farms use machineries to ...
Introduction of herbs
The parts of a Chinese matrimony vine for medical uses are leaves (Gugiyeop), the root (Jigolpi), and fruits (Gugija) and leave
Specialties of Highland - Native Honey
Daegi-ri Village's native honey that contains the green energy of the mountains is a healthy food with lots of flavor and sweetness. The pure native honey of Korea is clearly distinguished from cu...
Specialties of Highland - Jangnoi
Daegiri Village's Jangnoi (mountain ginseng) is grown in clean environment and is highly popular due to its outstanding quality. Jangnoi ginseng is artificially cultivated mountain ginseng by plan...
Ganoderma lucidum
Ganoderma lucidum is a type of mushroom that grows off of broad-leaved trees. The herb of eternal youth in the paintings of 10 eternal living things is Ganoderma lucidum and it is originated from Kor...
Agaricus is also called wizard mushroom. Originated from Brazil, it is a very mysterious mushroom that exclusively grows in certain high-temperature and high-humidity climates and soils.
Phellinus linteus
『Phellinus linteus』 originated from China. It is written as 『桑黃』(yeast on mulberry tree) in Chinese characters and is called 『Lignum Mud Mushroom』 in Korea. Phellinus linteus is Basidiomycota perenn...
Soybean Paste and Soy Sauce with Lotus Roots
Muan obtained patents for its soybean paste and soy sauce containing Hoesan lotus roots that are high in selenium to be effective in preventing and treating cancer.
Araliaceous Shrubs
* Araliaceous Shrubs Araliaceous Shrubs are also called Acanthopanax in generic term. Acantho means that it has thorns and Panax means that it treats all illnesses. Therefore, it is `a thornful pl...
Jinan is called the Jinan plateau because it is almost 200-300m above sea level.
Ginseng Introduction
‘Ginseng’ Ginseng of Yeon-Cheon Corea Village is most near to “Gaeseong”, the main producing area of “Goryo Ginseng” whose name is so famous in the South Korea, and the effect is also recognized.
A kalopanax is in the family of a Japanese angelica tree and also called as Eumnamu, Eommok, Gaedureupnamu, Haedongmuk, and Jachumok.
Crane Peace Village
Baekma Highlands’ Pleurotus ostreatus of Crane Peace Village are cultivated by the pure waters of clean Cheolwon DMZ and are very effective for breast cancer, high blood pressure and arterial sclerosi...
sinsun village
The fundamental idea of natural medicine is live accordingly to and harmoniously with the nature and away from the lifestyle that opposes the nature. The natural medicine applies the idea of oneness ...
sinsun village
Almost all Koreans remember the high popularity of a TV series, ‘Daejanggeum.’ The treatment using herbs or herbal tea as performed by the heroin, Janggeum, is not fictional in Sinsun Village. The t...
mul tong gol villiage
Gamgol village
Dongsang Gamgol Village is busy collecting painted maple saps from early March to April. The saps of painted maples are sweet and odorless. The painted maple saps collected in Dongsang Gamgol Villag...
Hajeon Tidal wetlands village
Mountain Berries (Bokbunja) are the berry fruits growing from wild mountain berry trees. Organic mountain berries of Gochang grow in the strong oceanic wind are nationally renowned. The mountain ber...
Mother Village
Young Deer Antlers refer to the young soft sprout of male deer antlers and using it as a medicine before it hardens. The antlers are mostly cut between May and August. The remaining antler gradually...
Okjeongho Village
Among many specialties of our village, mushrooms, young deer antlers, hemps and persimmon vinegars are systematically managed and tried to be produced as close to the nature as possible by the produce...
Gorosoe Village
There are about 900 kinds of naturally-growing plants in Baegun Mountains. In particular, mountain greens and herbs are recognized as Korea’s best medicines and are more popular than those of other r...
Gorosoe Village
It is collected from the abundant honey plants of the clean region of Baegun Mountains. As an ideal natural food with various nutrition factors equally balanced, it is great for fatigue, asthma and s...
Gorosoe Village
The specialties of Gwangyang Gorosoe Village are painted maple saps, Korean honey and mountain greens/herbs.
Maisan Village
Jinan is an optimum place to cultivate ginsengs and has lots of large ginseng farms. Also, according to a Eastern medicine thesaurus that integrated the experimental records of its long history, gins...
Happy 700
Wild honey of deep isolated villages is recognized as the best. Therefore, Gyebangsan Village’s wild honey is superior to any other honey in Korea.
paroho village
Jangnoe Ginsengs of Paroho Saengtae Village are more than 10-year-old ginsengs grown in the deep valleys of Yonghwa Mountains and in naturally formed forests. Jangnoe Ginseng strongly protects human ...
Neowa Village
NokYong is the young antlers of deer. It is gathered by cutting the young antlers from deer before it is hardened.The older antlers are removed and new (young) antlers are just grown in spring.
Baekdam Village
Ohgapi is shrub of Araliaceae, it is used health long-life food. Ohgapi has been counted as best health food as much as on the proverb, one handful of Ohgapi is better than occupying gold-jade. Ohgapi...
Yeoju Greentour Village
Korean ginseng is worldly famous for its quality and its production has increased as the rate of exporting as indigenous has risen. It is produced mostly in Gyeonggi-do and Chungcheongnam-do, the spec...
Chunnyangmok Pine-mushroom Village
The geographical shape of the village is similar with a Korean traditional measuring device of rectangle bowel, du(斗) after which it is named Dunae(斗內 – the inner side of the du).
Geumdangsil Village
They are produced in scenic yechun geumdangsil. We are producing honey taking into consideration the fact that they are all our family.
Goeup sweet persimmon Village
Many people are using miso powder for health. Miso powder is suitable for breakfast of busy modern people. If you drink it in midsummer after mixing it with cool water and ice, you can feel its sweet ...
Moheung Hwangto Village
It was drawn as a herb of eternal youth in Sibjangsaengdo (ten animals of longest life span). Jinsiwhang was said to undertake a search for it.
Eunjagol Village
Nok(鹿) of Nokyong means June, while yong(茸) means 'send'. Simple method of selecting the good alive nokyong is to choose things of which color is deep red, section density should be equal and middle ...
Eunjagol Village
The purity 100 % natural honey is made by the work that bees throw up what they eat and much saliva of the bee are mixed with enzyme. Acacia honey is called 'Alive food' as it has various enzyme and v...
Gigye Village
The sanghwang mushrooms in Gigye Village are raised in well watered surroundings, with appropriate temperature, adequate moisture, and fine ventilation. They are always carefully and sincerely cared f...
Gigye Village
Its name originated from ancient China due to its unique development process. The insect-borne fungi lives in the body of an insect in winter and then transforms into a mushroom in summer, so peop...
Hwangtogumi Village
It is a deciduous broadleaved tree which is distributed between 300~900m above sea level in Ulleung island. It has opposite leaves which have a long petiole and palmate shape. The leaves are 10cm in ...
Yeongcheon hanyak Village
Forehead and rare head are bulge out. Round-faced and bright en-faced. Generally he has sharp chin, thin lips but not a big mouth. Specially he has sharp eyes.
Punggi Insam Village
The scientific name of Opapu is Acanthopanax. The shape of leaves are very similar with those of ginseng and Sansam(wild ginseng). In the east Asia, it has been used as a superior medical herb for a l...
Punggi Insam Village
According to SamKukSaGi, there is a record that King SungDuck brought emissary led by chief delegate Ha, to present 120kg of Sansam(natural Ginseng) to the Emperor of Dang(China), Heon-je, in A.D.734....
Sannae grape Village
It is a native breed of goat. It belongs to the cattle family. It is assumed there existed Bezoar goats and Markhor goats.
Yangdong Folk Village
Kyungju Yangdong Folk Village produce Korean traditional candy for itself. The Candies maintain the Korean traditional taste since the whole process is hand work and the material selection and the pro...
Togomi Village
It’s from deer feeding wild greens in the mountain so its quality and medical effect is superior. Produce in the May and June.
Togomi Village
Natural honey from a dip mountain valley filled with the spirit of nature.
Gariwangsan Village
Rosa davurica pallas is still strange name for us. But it has bean settled down one of the familiar plants for American and European because long time ago it has been took advantage widely in actual l...
samsaeng Village
Yeongji is Pullovho appeared in Sipjangsaengdo symbolizing health and long life. Seoseok yeonggi is harmonized with nature of 350m height and clean first grade water. Due to severe gab of daily temper...
Eco-Sanchon Village
One research in the USA reported that milk mixed with honey helped a baby grow well. It is because honey grows the Lactobacilllus bifidus which is good for the organs. Honey helps bone and teeth to ...
Nakjo Village
Benefits of Gangwha lion-foot-wormwood – getting the world’s attention In best environment with fertile soil, sea breeze and sea rain Gangwha lion-foot-wormwood grows in the foot of around 100m high ...
Gugija/Gochu Village
Gugija self-grown plant on mountain is known as a medical herb long time ago, and its benefits are acknowledged in Donguibogam, famous Chinese medical guide.
Sadam Dongchon Village
It grows spontaneously at 500-1000m above sea level. It belongs to the broad-leaf maple tree family.
Bongseogol Village
The name of Sanhwang mushroom originates from the mulberry tree and the Korean word for yellow and it means the yellow mushroom which grows on the mulberry tree. It lives for many years and is a hard ...
Baekhakdong Village
It belongs to the maple tree. Especially GOSOSEI of GWANGYANG has a legend that when DOSUNGUKSA was praying, he couldn’t stretch his knees. During the time he stood up leaning the tree, the branches...
Hwangto Village
Ginseng is classified as the perennial plant of dicotyledonous plant-umbrella flower plant-fatsia family. It is grown naturally in the woods and is about 60cm high. It is raised as a medicinal plant.
Midae/Naedong Village
Quality honey is collected from flowers blooming in the clean pollution-free environment, from the foot of Mt. Palgong.
Buyun Village
Ginseng, which is called a miraculous medicine of youth and longevity, was first grown in Eumsong in the Chosun Dynasty. With the widest cultivation area in the country, Eumseong is the main productio...
ginseng Village
There is a famous story told about a man named Kang who lived with his mother, a widower, in the Kaean Village Community, Seongkok-ri, Nami-myeon in Keumsan-kun 1,500 years ago. One day, his mother be...
Tongil Village
Paju Ginseng is produced in the northern area of the Civil Control Line and at the foot of Mt. Kamak where an appropriate environment of fresh air, rich soil and cool climate. Hongsam (Red Ginseng) ma...
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