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Native Honey

Native Honey

Native honey is found in most parts of the world where there are flowers.  However, Korea’s native honey has been well-known for its taste and nutritional value, as Korea has desirable geographical conditions and climate to produce quality honey.  Since the old times, native Korean honey has been used to make medicinal supplies.  It has special effects to be considered an important source of medicine.

Native honey used to grow in between rocks or on old trees in deep mountains.  We started to culture native honey by drilling holes in the trees.  Today, native honey is highly demanded in the market.  Korea still finds natural honey made by wild bees in between rocks or in old trees.

Native honey is produced between March and November.  Besides the vitamin, protein, aromatic mineral, and amino acid contents, native honey contains enzymes that make it truly 'live.'  Native honey’s glucose and sugar help our bodies recover from fatigue faster than any other food.

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