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Gorosoe Village
Korean Honey

It is collected from the abundant honey plants of the clean region of Baegun Mountains.  As an ideal natural food with various nutrition factors equally balanced, it is great for fatigue, asthma and skin care.  We acquire valuable plant-collected materials such as the honey, pollen and propolis collected by the bees from natural flowers and trees as well as waste materials of wax, royal jelly and bee-sting poison and bee chrysalis.  These materials not only guarantee high profits to the honey keepers, but also are good sources of seasonings, nutritional supplements, various industrial resources and cosmetics.  Also, as honey bees mediate the pollens of farm products to contribute to the productivity of the farm products, bee keeping is an important national business that is closely related to humans.  Therefore, honey bees have been around since the beginning of human history and the history of Korea’s bee-keeping also started with the history of Korean people.  This honey called Apis cerana Fabr. Is called Korean Honey, Eastern Kind Honey Bee and Native Honey.

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