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[ Honey ]
Native honey of Eumjeong Village is gathered in the traditional way. The beekeepers of Eumjeong Village have spent most of their lives with bees and have accumulated experiences and know-how’s in pre...
Honey is a natural sweetener that has been used by man for the longest time. Honey is a natural food, but it can be stored for a long time without any preservatives.
[Native Honey]
Haeham Village has been collecting honey for a long time to use as medicine and food.
[Mountain Greens, Native Honey]
Mountain greens are edible greens grown in the mountains.
[Native Honey]
Native honey is found in most parts of the world where there are flowers. However, Korea’s native honey has been well-known for its taste and nutritional value, as Korea has desirable geographical co...
[Native Honey]
Honey is a great nutritional food that contains minerals (calcium, iron), vitamins, and amino acids.
[Native Honey]
Honey is an ideal health supplement that contains protein, minerals, amino acids, vitamins B1, B2, and E, biotin, folic acid, etc., along with other substances also known to be beneficial to our bodie...
[Specialties of Highland - Native Honey]
Daegi-ri Village's native honey that contains the green energy of the mountains is a healthy food with lots of flavor and sweetness. The pure native honey of Korea is clearly distinguished from cu...
[Crane Peace Village]
Baekma Highlands’ Pleurotus ostreatus of Crane Peace Village are cultivated by the pure waters of clean Cheolwon DMZ and are very effective for breast cancer, high blood pressure and arterial sclerosi...
[mul tong gol villiage]
[Gorosoe Village]
It is collected from the abundant honey plants of the clean region of Baegun Mountains. As an ideal natural food with various nutrition factors equally balanced, it is great for fatigue, asthma and s...
[Happy 700]
Wild honey of deep isolated villages is recognized as the best. Therefore, Gyebangsan Village’s wild honey is superior to any other honey in Korea.
[Geumdangsil Village]
They are produced in scenic yechun geumdangsil. We are producing honey taking into consideration the fact that they are all our family.
[Eunjagol Village]
The purity 100 % natural honey is made by the work that bees throw up what they eat and much saliva of the bee are mixed with enzyme. Acacia honey is called 'Alive food' as it has various enzyme and v...
[Yangdong Folk Village]
Kyungju Yangdong Folk Village produce Korean traditional candy for itself. The Candies maintain the Korean traditional taste since the whole process is hand work and the material selection and the pro...
[Togomi Village]
Natural honey from a dip mountain valley filled with the spirit of nature.
[Eco-Sanchon Village]
One research in the USA reported that milk mixed with honey helped a baby grow well. It is because honey grows the Lactobacilllus bifidus which is good for the organs. Honey helps bone and teeth to ...
[Midae/Naedong Village]
Quality honey is collected from flowers blooming in the clean pollution-free environment, from the foot of Mt. Palgong.
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