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Herb & Life

Usage of Herb

Herbs have bright flower colors, and smell grassy. Even though it is dried, it contains water, so it is popular for potpourri. Pick the flower before it blossoms and use the dried or fresh leaves for russ, tea, salad, dry flower, cut flower and potpourri which makes you sleep deeply. If you eat the bottom of the flower with butter or cheese, it will increase your appetite, also put the leaves in oil and it can be used as hair oil. Extracted liquid from flower and leaves can be used to heal for skin disease or to dry skin, also can be used essential oil. If you use it for bath, it will relax your body tension and help you maintain beautiful skin.


[Making Herbal Tea]

It is healthier to drink herbal tea instead of coffee or soda. Herb tea has medicinal properties, so it can help you relax, give you energy, recover fatigue, provides vitamins and minerals, and also helps you to sleep deeply.

Basil Tea: It is very fragrant, relaxes your body and helps you to concentrate. Put 2 spoons of dried leaves or put 20 spoons of fresh leaves in boiled water for 5 minutes. This tea is good when you feel gas in your stomach or for gastroenteric trouble, also can increase your appetite.

Lavender (flower) tea: Helps you calm down and soothes headaches


[Bathing with herbs]

People have been bathing with herbs since the times of ancient Greece and Rome, and even in that time, it was for the purpose of healing or removing germs from the body. The reason why these days there are many kinds bathing herbs is to perfume and relax our bodies which are tired from the stress of life. In this aspect, you can absorb the medicinal ingredients easily in an herb bath.


Farming Herb

Herbs are resilient so they can usually grow well anyplace, however, they flourish in places with lots of sunlight, circulating air, good drainage, and fertile soil. Therefore, it is important to choose a place near evergreen trees, deciduous trees, and in a large sunlit area with good drainage.


Farming Condition of Herb

1. A place that is open to the air

2. A place that is well lit

3. A place with good drainage



To farm good herbs, you should use less fertilizer. When you farm the soil, mix chemical fertilizer with natural fertilizer or with leaf mold, then you don셳 use any other fertilizer. When you water the herbs in the container garden, good ingredients can be wash away together, so put some liquid fertilizer 1~2 times a month. You should not put the liquid fertilizer on the leaves and put on the root. If you use solid fertilizer, put it a little far away from the root.


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