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Gorosoe Village
Mountain Greens/Herbs

There are about 900 kinds of naturally-growing plants in Baegun Mountains.  In particular, mountain greens and herbs are recognized as Korea’s best medicines and are more popular than those of other regions.

Most mountain greens and herbs have strong efficacies of repressing 70% of various carcinogens.  Some even kill the cancer cells.  The reason why they have these efficacies is because they survive the bad conditions of nature to grow adapted to the environments and to develop strong strength to live while growing with the energy of environments and spirit of soils in the wild.  Therefore, mountain herbs neutralize the many toxins of human body, strengthen the immune system and clarify the blood to not only revive the health, but also magically heal many diseases.  Eating mountain greens is succeeding the life of heaven.

Also, mountain greens and herbs generally contain more nutritional factors, fibers and chlorophyll than other vegetables.  Lettuce, that relatively contains high content of calcium among vegetables, contains 100mg of calcium per 10g, but pigweed contains 128mg, rock dropwort 185mg, wildgarlic 169mg and Sedum sarmentosum 258mg of calcium.  Also, pickpurse contains 4 times more Vitamin B1 than spinaches and Solidago virga 10 times more niacin than spinaches.

There are tons of herbs and mountain greens in the mountains and fields and the following are some examples.

○ Pimpinella brachycarpa: used for hepatitis and high blood pressure.
○ Aralia shoots: good for hepatocirrhosis, arthritis, stomach and intestine diseases, week nervous system, nourishing of blood
○ Fresh shoots: arthritis, tumor, cancer, skin disease, neuralgia, chronic hepatitis, pleuritis, palsy
○ Actinidia arguta sprout: physical strengthening, skin care, relieving fatigue
○ Aralia cordata Thunb.: paralysis and pain due to palsy, hemiplegia, convulsions, headaches or anemia, arthritis, toothaches, edema
○ Chinese bellflower: phlegm, coughing, drainage of wounds
○ Angelica: anemia, afterbirth bleeding, traumatic bleeding, heart-beating, insomnia, anxiety disorder and tranquilizing due to shortage of blood in kidney; pain, constipation, anemia and headaches due to menstruation, contusions, extravasated blood, cerebral hemorrhage; clears blood
○ Tractylis ovata: peptic, sterilizer, mold-prevention, strengthening, tranquilizing, urination
○ Aster tataricus: coughing, phlegm, phthisis, bronchitis, asthma, cold
○ Groundsel : coughing, phlegm, pain, blood circulation enhancer
○ Fernbrake: diarrhea, jaundice, leucorrhea
○ Codonopsis pilosuls: lowering cholesterol, expanding arteries, stabilizing blood pressure, anti-cancer, anti-constipation
○ Pleurospermum kamtschaticum: enhancing appetite, lowering cholesterol
○ Mugwort: strengthening, peptic, tranquilizer, cold sweat, hemostatic, beriberi, bleeding, dehumidifying, neuralgia
○ Camellia leaves : cancer, liver cirrhosis, chronic renal failure, stomach ulcer, heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure
○ Sowthistle: fever, hematosis, indigestion, pneumonia, hepatitis
○ Tricholoma matsutake: laryngopharyngeal cancer, brain cancer, thyroid cancer, esophageal cencer
○ Japanese ladybell: heavy-metal, drug, food poisoning, afterbirth pain, uterus bleeding
○ Solidago virga: nephritis, cystitis, headaches, jaundice
○ Dropwort: feeling of cold, insomnia, cold, blood pressure, fever, diarrhea, constipation (Botanical List), stamina enhancer
○ Butterbur: anemia, bronchial asthma, nephritis, tongsillitis, pain, snake or insect bites, eye styes
○ Korean lettuce: peptic, indigestion, pneumonia, hepatitis, contusion, tumor
○ Adenophora remotiflora: phlegm, toxins, snake or insect bites
○ Amaranthus mangostanus: stop bleeding
○ Winged spindle sprout: anxiety disorder, uterus bleeding, extravasated blood, diabetes
○ Pickpurse: eye infections, diarrhea, gastroenteritis, pain of coldness, fever, headaches, high blood pressure
○ Plantain: hangover, gonorrhea, infant eczema, heart diseases, detoxication, cold, chronic hepatitis, high blood pressure, pleutitis, arthritis
○ Other natural mushrooms: Sarcodon asparatus, Clavaria botrytis, Calocybe gambosa, Cantharellus cibarius, Panus rudis Fr., Clustered Blue chanterelle
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