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[ Herbs ]
[Muan Yaksil_Herb]
Duduk, Shiho and Omija are the representative herbs of Muan Yaksil village. Duduk was also called sasam for it has better effect than sansam, and it was used for both medicine and food.
[Wild Herbs]
Various wild mushrooms and herbs are gathered from mountains that are 15,000m or higher, such as Mt. Bangtae, Mt. Odae, and Mt. Gaein in Hongcheon-gun and Inje-gun.
[Specialties (Mountain Greens and Herbs)]
Because the northern part of the village adjoins the Armistice Line, its mountains are filled with various Oriental herbs, such as mountain ginseng, Codonopsis lancerolata, Araliaceous shrubs, Aralia ...
[Herb & Life]
Herbs have bright flower colors, and smell grassy. Even though it is dried, it contains water, so it is popular for potpourri. Pick the flower before it blossoms and use the dried or fresh leaves for ...
[Introduction of herbs]
The parts of a Chinese matrimony vine for medical uses are leaves (Gugiyeop), the root (Jigolpi), and fruits (Gugija) and leave
[Soybean Paste and Soy Sauce with Lotus Roots]
Muan obtained patents for its soybean paste and soy sauce containing Hoesan lotus roots that are high in selenium to be effective in preventing and treating cancer.
A kalopanax is in the family of a Japanese angelica tree and also called as Eumnamu, Eommok, Gaedureupnamu, Haedongmuk, and Jachumok.
[sinsun village]
The fundamental idea of natural medicine is live accordingly to and harmoniously with the nature and away from the lifestyle that opposes the nature. The natural medicine applies the idea of oneness ...
[Hajeon Tidal wetlands village]
Mountain Berries (Bokbunja) are the berry fruits growing from wild mountain berry trees. Organic mountain berries of Gochang grow in the strong oceanic wind are nationally renowned. The mountain ber...
[Mother Village]
Young Deer Antlers refer to the young soft sprout of male deer antlers and using it as a medicine before it hardens. The antlers are mostly cut between May and August. The remaining antler gradually...
[Okjeongho Village]
Among many specialties of our village, mushrooms, young deer antlers, hemps and persimmon vinegars are systematically managed and tried to be produced as close to the nature as possible by the produce...
[Gorosoe Village]
There are about 900 kinds of naturally-growing plants in Baegun Mountains. In particular, mountain greens and herbs are recognized as Korea’s best medicines and are more popular than those of other r...
[Neowa Village]
NokYong is the young antlers of deer. It is gathered by cutting the young antlers from deer before it is hardened.The older antlers are removed and new (young) antlers are just grown in spring.
[Baekdam Village]
Ohgapi is shrub of Araliaceae, it is used health long-life food. Ohgapi has been counted as best health food as much as on the proverb, one handful of Ohgapi is better than occupying gold-jade. Ohgapi...
[Eunjagol Village]
Nok(鹿) of Nokyong means June, while yong(茸) means 'send'. Simple method of selecting the good alive nokyong is to choose things of which color is deep red, section density should be equal and middle ...
[Yeongcheon hanyak Village]
Forehead and rare head are bulge out. Round-faced and bright en-faced. Generally he has sharp chin, thin lips but not a big mouth. Specially he has sharp eyes.
[Punggi Insam Village]
The scientific name of Opapu is Acanthopanax. The shape of leaves are very similar with those of ginseng and Sansam(wild ginseng). In the east Asia, it has been used as a superior medical herb for a l...
[Togomi Village]
It’s from deer feeding wild greens in the mountain so its quality and medical effect is superior. Produce in the May and June.
[Gariwangsan Village]
Rosa davurica pallas is still strange name for us. But it has bean settled down one of the familiar plants for American and European because long time ago it has been took advantage widely in actual l...
[Nakjo Village]
Benefits of Gangwha lion-foot-wormwood – getting the world’s attention In best environment with fertile soil, sea breeze and sea rain Gangwha lion-foot-wormwood grows in the foot of around 100m high ...
[Gugija/Gochu Village]
Gugija self-grown plant on mountain is known as a medical herb long time ago, and its benefits are acknowledged in Donguibogam, famous Chinese medical guide.
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