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Ginseng Introduction


Ginseng of Yeon-Cheon Corea Village is most near to “Gaeseong”, the main producing area of “Goryo Ginseng” whose name is so famous in the South Korea, and the effect is also recognized.


Ginseng is a medicinal plant which is a perpetual, shade plant belonging to family of fatsia, 1 stem is growing straightly in every year and 3~4 leaves are turned at the end of the stem. Originally, it is a wild plant in remote mountains, people used them as medicine by gathering them, however due to increase of demands and exhaustion of natural ginseng through indiscreet picking, artificial cultivation was started.

With proper natural conditions for growing ginseng such as clear four seasons, climate and soil, and unique and developed cultivation technique, it was cultivated as a large quantity.


In Joseon dynasty, it was a main export item in trade to China, and during the Japanese occupation and after liberation, it played a big role in gaining foreign currencies. According to the literature such as 『Donguibogam』and 『Folk Medicine Collection 』, they say that ginseng excites vigor and has strong resistance against various diseases and in case of red ginseng, 6 years old ginseng, the effect is especially excellent.   


Cultivation of ginseng in Incheon region was started right after Korean War, the ginseng farmers who cultivated ginseng in Gaeseong selected Pocheon and Yeoncheon as the suitable place for cultivation of ginseng. Although it is not well known as other ginseng producing areas such as Gimpo, Ganghwa and Geumsan, it has produced only red ginseng, 6 years old ginseng and delivered all of them to the office of monopoly. In case of red ginseng cultivated in Yeoncheon and like cities, the smell and quality are evaluated as the best in the nation, and the quantity occupies 40% of total nationwide production


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