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Punggi Insam Village
Punggi Insam

Origin and Introduction
- Origin
According to SamKukSaGi, there is a record that King SungDuck brought emissary led by chief delegate Ha, to present 120kg of Sansam(natural Ginseng) to the Emperor of Dang(China), Heon-je, in A.D.734. By this record, it is know that many Sansam inhabited in the Punggi area of Soback-san from at least the Shila Dynasty.
In Jungjong of Chosun Dynasty, Ju Se-Boong tried to cultivate Sansam in the farmland. Until that time, Sansam was not cultivated, people could get Sansam by picking up at the deep mountain. Ju Se-Boong had found proper area for cultivating Sansam. In 1541, when he was appointed a governor of Punggi-kun, finally he found that the climate and soil of Punggi area was the proper area to cultivate Sansam. He took Sansam breed from Punggi area and started to cultivated in farmland. The cultivated Sansam is somewhat different from natural Sansam. It called Insam.

- Introduction
Punggi Insam is cultivate under environments in which soil has many organic matters at the high level of 400~500m from sea level, it is chilly climate so well ventilated. Punggi Insam has strong fragrance and medical ingredients including saponin. And it has tight flesh and it is weighty than other region Insam.
Insam is effective for controlling blood pressure, protecting from liver disease and preventing from geriatric diseases such as diabetic.

Kinds of Insam and Features
- Kinds of Punggi Insam
> SooSam (Undried ginseng)
Soosam is undried Insam, contains 70-75% moisture. It is the origin for various Insam products. Soosam is harvested when it is 4~6 years grow.

> HongSam(Red ginseng): Hongsam is made of by steaming and drying Soosam in order to keeping for a long time. It has fewer than 14% of moisture by drying Soosam. Through the producing process, the color is changed into dark red brown, and it is hardened so, it can be kept for a long time.

> Meesam(Tinysized ginseng)
Meesam is dried root hairs got from making Backsam and TaeGeuksam. It has most plentiful of saponin. It is good for person who cannot hard to overcome the hot weather.

> Backsam(White ginseng)
It is got from 4-6 year old Soosam by peeling out, drying under sunlight until it has fewer than 14% of moisture. It maintains original shape of Soosam and it's color is bright yellow or white. It's processing is somewhat different from one for Hongsam.

> TaeGeuksam
it is the middle state ginseng from Hongsam between Backsam. It is get from Soosam by soaking into hot water to peel out and drying. It has dark red brown in surface and it's cross section has dark brown rings.

- Features of Punggi Insam
Punggi Insam has plentiful of saponin the main ingredient and has strong unique fragrance. It is useful for controlling blood pressure, protecting liver disease, relieving of fatigue and so on.
Punggi Insam has 9 features in bellow.
1. The shape of body is not changed when it boiled several times.
2. It gives thick medical soup than other area products.
3. It has strong fragrance of Insam.
4. It has superior medical effects than other area ginsengs.
5. It has effects for controlling blood pressure and preventing liver disease.
6. It is helpful for relieving fatigue and improving one's appetite.
7. It is useful for reproducing red blood corpuscles and enhancing circulation system of human.
8. It is good for refreshing one's mind and improving the remembering ability.
9. It ha superior effect for relieving alcohol disease because of plentiful of vitamin B1.

Cultivation Method and Status
> Cultivation Status
The total cultivation area for Punggi Insam is about 2,700,000㎡. The half of this area is located in YoungJu region including Punggi. The other half is distributed in YeCheon-kun, BongWha-kun, SangJu city and MoonKyung city, along to the Soback mountains.
  Furthermore, the south region of Korea such as Andong, YoungCheon and KyungJu and DanYang, YoungWol and WonJu are also cultivating Insam. The cultivation area of Punggi is ablut 10% of total cultivation area of Korea.
The production amount is 1.5kg per 3.3㎡ in average, and 1,200 ton in a year. The price of Soosam of Punggi is 15,000won in 750g. the year earning is about 24 billion won.
The 13% of total Soosam of Punggi, 150 ton, is used for Backsam; the 5%, 60 ton, is used for TaeGeuksam and; other 5% is used for Hongsam. The others are being sold in the Insam market for people.

> Cultivation Method
Punggi Insam is cultivated by upland-growing method. In the upland of 250m of sea level, climate is chilly and well vantilated. The soil has plentiful of medical ingredients. The soil is sandy good for drainage.
The Punggi Insam is dig up after the 16th of the 24 seasonal divisions of a year. According to year for growing, Insam is divided into 3-year root, 4-year root, 5-year root and 6-year root.

Insam and Health
1. Effect for Protecting Liver Disease: Insam is good for promoting composite of protein in human body. It is helpful for reproducing the harmed liver. It is effect for recovering the liver function. Insam is effective for protecting the liver from alcohol attacking.

2. Turn for better form diabetic: Insam has a medical effect for lowering the blood sugar level. It has an ingredient similar with insulin. Unlike the chemical medicine for diabetic, Insam does not let down under the normal blood sugar level.

3. Effect for Preventing Cancer growing: It is confirmed that the Insam is good for preventing cancer cell from growing. Using Insam with anti-cancer medicine, it promotes the effect of anti-cancer medicine. After operation, Insam is good for recovering the patient, and ability of immune.

4. Effect for Relieving from fatigue: Researching for the medical action of Insam, it is proved that Insam is effective for relieving from person's fatigue. Therefore, Insam is good health foods for heavy workers and students.

5. Effect for curing arteriosclerosis and hypertension: Insam has medical effect for protecting from arteriosclerosis, controlling the amount of cholesterol in blood and blood pressure. Saponin the main ingredient of Insam has effect for enhancing blood pressure and suppressing the pressure, therefore, it can control the blood pressure to hold normal state.

6. Effect for central nervous system: Insam has relieving and stimulating effect for the central nervous system. If fewer amount is applied to a person, it stimulates the central nervous system of him; otherwise the larger amount of Insam is applied to a person, it relieving the central nervous system of him. It good for enhancing the ability of human brain system.

7. Effect for circulation system: Insam has good effect for enhancing the circulation system including heart beat and vessel pressure. It has medical effects for controlling the blood pressure and protecting from heart attack.

8. Effect for curing anemia: Insam is helpful for promoting the reproduce of red blood corpuscle and recovering hematosis organs. It is good for curing anemia.

9. Effect for immune: Insam is good for enhancing immune ability against viruses. It is very effective for patient suffering from malnutrition astheria to enhance the immune ability against various bacteria and viruses.

10. Effect for enhancing vigor: Insam has an effect for enhancing function of reproducing of human, it is helpful to enhancing composition of protein and DNA for reproduction in testicle and ovary. It good for promoting the activity of sex hormone.

11. Other Effect of Insam: Insam has additional effects for preventing stomach ulcer, strengthening the hair and skin.

Insam Market
Insam Market: Insam is also called as ShinCHo, meaning of herb of gods, or JiJung. It treated as the best herb because it has many medical effects. In China and Japan, it is called KoreaBulRoCho, meaning of herb of eternal youth.Insam market of Punggi has been operated from 1965. Especially, in September 1990, modern style Insam Market building was established in front of Punggi station. People can buy various Insam products from the 80 stores therein.
This market has been activated by opening the Jungang Highway in December 2001. More people can visit Punggi Insam Market faster and easier than the past. Therefore, the sales amount of the Market is increased over 50% more. There is a Punggi Insam Festival held from last September to early October in every year. It gives a good chance to meet the high quality Insam to outer world people.

- Information : 82-54-636 - 7948(Punggi Insam Market)             
                      82-54-636 - 2714(Punggi Insam Association)
- Operation period: 30 minute
- Opening Time: 08:00-22:00
- Method for Visiting: To  Punggi station By Jungang railroad or By Jungang Highway and National road No.5
- Location: Punggi Insam Market SeoBu-li, Punggi-eup YoungJu city KyungSangBookDo(in front of Punggi station)

Insam Festival
Punggi Insam Festival, authorized by Ministry of Culture and tourism, held by YoungJu, advocating the famous Punggi Insam. With a slogan of "the eternity herbs guaranteeing the healthful life of world, Punggi Insam", this festival is held in early October in every year.

Main events are a performance of instrument music of peasants, exhibition of Insam foods, picking up Insam, marketing indigenous products and various cultural events. Especially, experience for picking up Insam is popular event for foreign tourists.

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