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Maisan Village

Ginsengs of Koryo Dynasty were first introduced in the texts of early Han Dynasty, China.  Since then, they have been recorded as precious physical strengthener and medicine in various oriental medical books such as 「New Agricultural Botanical List」 and 「Botanical List」 and loved as the essence of Eastern Medicine for several thousand years.  

According to a Eastern medicine thesaurus that integrated the experimental records of its long history, ginsengs enhance endurance and physical vitality, maintain the metabolic balance and the physical harmony by controlling serums and hematopoiesis actions and prevents and treats many diseases.  

Also, the level of ginsengs as medicines is classified as 'Most Suitable' and 'Top' Medicine to be the best among all herbal medicines.   

Top Medicine extends and life spans and is totally toxin-free and completely harmless regardless of the amount ingested.   

Ginsengs are very particular about their grounds and hardly survive among the unsuitable natural environments including climates and soils.   

The natural environments of Korea is optimum for ginseng cultivation to produce the ginsengs whose substances and efficacies distinguished from those of other species grown in other parts of the world.  Jinan, in particular, is known as the most optimum place to cultivate ginsengs.

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