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[ Ginseng ]
[Wood-cultivated Ginseng]
Wood-cultivated ginseng is referred to ginsengs that are grown wild after spreading seeds of wild ginseng in deep mountain
[seven_Agricultural produce introduction_Ginseng]
Ginseng is slow-growing perennial plants with fleshy roots, in the Panax genus, in the family Araliaceae. Its roots are used for medicine and it is called ginseng(Insam in Korean) for it has the shape...
[Ginseng ]
The ginseng produced in Jangjeolgong village with clean water and beautiful mountains has excellent taste and flavor
[Ginseng Products]
Jeungpyeong uses ginseng, one of its major specialties, to produce various products.
[Jangnoi Ginseng]
The seeds of mountain ginseng are gathered and spread in the mountains to be cultured in wild.
[Jeungpyeong Ginseng]
inseng is grown deep in the mountains and is used for medicines. Generally, a ginseng grows straightly each year up to 60cm in length and sprouts 3~4 leaves on its end.
[Introducing Native Discorea batatas]
Small pieces of Discorea batatas are planted in spring and grown for about a year. After the first frost, they are harvesting using forted rakes. Nowadays, some large-scale farms use machineries to ...
[Specialties of Highland - Jangnoi]
Daegiri Village's Jangnoi (mountain ginseng) is grown in clean environment and is highly popular due to its outstanding quality. Jangnoi ginseng is artificially cultivated mountain ginseng by plan...
Jinan is called the Jinan plateau because it is almost 200-300m above sea level.
[Ginseng Introduction]
‘Ginseng’ Ginseng of Yeon-Cheon Corea Village is most near to “Gaeseong”, the main producing area of “Goryo Ginseng” whose name is so famous in the South Korea, and the effect is also recognized.
[Maisan Village]
Jinan is an optimum place to cultivate ginsengs and has lots of large ginseng farms. Also, according to a Eastern medicine thesaurus that integrated the experimental records of its long history, gins...
[paroho village]
Jangnoe Ginsengs of Paroho Saengtae Village are more than 10-year-old ginsengs grown in the deep valleys of Yonghwa Mountains and in naturally formed forests. Jangnoe Ginseng strongly protects human ...
[Yeoju Greentour Village]
Korean ginseng is worldly famous for its quality and its production has increased as the rate of exporting as indigenous has risen. It is produced mostly in Gyeonggi-do and Chungcheongnam-do, the spec...
[Punggi Insam Village]
According to SamKukSaGi, there is a record that King SungDuck brought emissary led by chief delegate Ha, to present 120kg of Sansam(natural Ginseng) to the Emperor of Dang(China), Heon-je, in A.D.734....
[Hwangto Village]
Ginseng is classified as the perennial plant of dicotyledonous plant-umbrella flower plant-fatsia family. It is grown naturally in the woods and is about 60cm high. It is raised as a medicinal plant.
[Buyun Village]
Ginseng, which is called a miraculous medicine of youth and longevity, was first grown in Eumsong in the Chosun Dynasty. With the widest cultivation area in the country, Eumseong is the main productio...
[ginseng Village]
There is a famous story told about a man named Kang who lived with his mother, a widower, in the Kaean Village Community, Seongkok-ri, Nami-myeon in Keumsan-kun 1,500 years ago. One day, his mother be...
[Tongil Village]
Paju Ginseng is produced in the northern area of the Civil Control Line and at the foot of Mt. Kamak where an appropriate environment of fresh air, rich soil and cool climate. Hongsam (Red Ginseng) ma...
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