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Hwang-u Rice Village
Korean Wheat

Nutritional Characteristics of Korean Wheat
Wheat is one of the oldest cultivated grain with barley to be found in Neolithic era sites.  Wheat is discovered in Shinla, Baekje's sites in Korea. 
It has been used in many kinds of food.  Korean people prefer wheat more and more raising consumption of its related food. 
It takes a large part in Korean people's diet importing more than two million tons a year since 1986.  Wheat is a high-calorie food with about 350 calories in 100g. 
Protein content about 12.0g that is twice of rice. 
Protein in wheat is different from other kinds of protein. 
Dough made of wheat contains gluten that makes it possible to form a lot of shape to make variety kinds of food.  Wheat flour is graded according to the quality and amount of the gluten for each use. 
Wheat flour that contain a gluten which has a lot of protein is used for baking and is called Strong Flour.  Medium Flour is used to make noodles.
Weak Flour is used to make cookies and cake, and for frying. 
Most wheat produced in Korea is soft wheat that is suitable for making noodles.  Wheat flour contains more fat; 2.9g in 100g.  Also, it contains more calcium , phosphorus ,and iron than rice. 
The acidity of wheat flour is from little bit of Wu that is about 50%. 
People who have acidic stomachs are likely to have heartburn and indigestion when eating too much. 
Wheat flour is graded from grade 1 to 3 according to the percentage of pollard.  Wheat flour with less pollard is graded higher which means low milling rate and lime powder content. 
Wheat flour with higher percentage of pollard is known to be bad flour. 
However, pollard is known as a natural medicine to relieve constipation. 
Many specialists in the field suggest that pollard relieves constipation at the same time relieves many symptoms in hemorrhoids, Kyesil Syndrome and reduces a chance to get colon cancer. 
There are higher percentage of children who have constipation, obesity and diabetes which are known to be adult illnesses.  This is related to low fiber like pollard consumption of this age group in the area. 
Fiber absorbs a lot of water in it improving the action of the bowels. 
Also, it reduces the time it takes to go through the digestive tract resulting in less time of contact of carcinogenic substances. 
Fiber helps prevent colon cancer, and also lowers blood sugar levels relieving symptoms of diabetes.

Difference of Korean wheat and imported wheat
Korean wheat flour is produced without any preservatives or bleachs. 
It is cultivated on pre-contracts and processed in Agricultual Cooperative Association's own mills to make natural flour.  There are studies that Korean wheat is more than twice as effective in preventing heart disease and aging with effects to improve immunity. 
Also, Korean wheat is known to contain substances to cure tumor and rash.

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