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[ Rice ]
Guksagol - Cereals
[Rice grown with pond snails]
Guksagol - Rice grown with pond snails
[Durum wheat]
Guksagol - Durum whea
[Environment-friendly Rice]
Ssamji village is a traditional agricultural town that is ideal for agriculture thanks to surrounding natural environment.
[Mud Snail Rice]
The mud snail rice produced in the area of Bukdong-lee is the rice cultivated with environmentally friendly farming method and is the rice of trustworthy and safe agricultural method. By farmers' org...
[Usan Jirungi village_Oorungi rice]
Rice is produced by ripping off the rice hulls and layers and, together with barley and wheat, it is the world's most important crop. 92% of thw world's rice is produced in Asia
[Icheon’s best quality Rice ]
Jeong Seung Bok , the governor of Icheon, had served newly harvested rice to king and his attendants , who stayed here due to the rainfall on the way coming back to the royal palace after paying a con...
Due to recent increase in the interest towards well-being and health, adlay is gaining popularity as a pure product. Yeoncheon adlay is produced with clear water, clean air and rich soil, in the nearb...
Yeoncheon, the Chugaryung rift valley which is the heart of Korean peninsula, is located at the northernmost region of Gyunggi. It is in harmony with beautiful natural sceneries and rich plains.
[Environment friendly grain]
Grains produced from Doodong Pyunbaek Village are grown in clean filed without the use of agrichemical. The average sunshine and daily temperature, humidity and pressure difference are high to produce...
[Chamdarae_Environment friendly rice ]
The rice cultivated in Goseong is approved as the best quality rice produced in rich soil and clean water based on affluent rainfall and enoughsunlight.
The grain cultivated in Hongseong-Gun, the befinner of Korean organic farming, is high-quality grain produced with the sea wind and sunlight. When cooked, it turns glossy and its quality is excellent....
[Ori Grain]
Open fields in Shimcheon Yakcheon vOri grain is ripening through the sincerity, endurance and effort of the Shimgok Yakcheon villagers. Those grains on the table, produced using duck, may be the love,...
[Stevia grain]
Stevia is mums family plant and a kind of herb. Sweetness is more than 200 times of sugar and calories are only about 1/90 of sugar. It has more than 5 time anti-oxidation effect than green tea and al...
In the wide fields of Gang-jin Golden Chicken Village, Top-Rice which can be said as the representative brand of Korean rice is produced. Top-Rice is produced according to the manual suggested by the...
[Starfish Rice]
Byuljubu Village is beside the western sea, so it can be said that half of the village is farmland and the other half is sea. Thus, Byuljubu villagers have long since used an unusual rice farming meth...
[Zelkova Rice]
Our rice is grown with the river snail method and certified by its chemical-free character and quality. We currently produce about 72 tons of refined and unrefined rice on a 20ha farmland and sell t...
[Eco-friendly Rice]
Eco-friendly rice is cultivated environmentally-friendly and chemical-free in clean nature.
As the source of Geum River, Jang Village is full of clean and clear waters for farming. Thus, we grow Jeungpyeong rice in the broad plains with ample sunlight. The grains are ripened to perfection ...
[Rice Field]
Naju is formed with reed sediments that make up fertile clay soil full of organic materials. Naju Rice is cultivated in the fertility of Naju Plains.
[Black Rice]
Black rice is planted in Euiseong’s clean natural environment and grown with minimum fertilizers and insecticides. Special technologies are applied to grow the best-tasting black rice.
[Black rice]
Black rice is milled as unpolished rice and preserves the germinal disks that contain many nutrients. Black rice contains more calcium and vitamins (B1, B2, and niacin) than white rice. Compared to ...
[Black Rice]
Hwaseong Jangjeon Village’s black rice is a special type of rice that is black or purplish in color.
[Chemical-free Duckling Rice]
[Hyangmi Rice]
As the No. 1 specialty of Omi Village, Hyangmi is the pride of both Omi Village and Yanggu.
Naju is formed with reed sediments that make up fertile clay soil full of organic materials. Naju Rice is cultivated in the fertility of Naju Plains. Quality species of rice are carefully cultivated...
Chorok Village’s rice is cultivated in eco-friendly ways. Duckling method and river snail method are used on the soils fertilized by Mt. Gamak’s clean air and clear waters. As the village almost doe...
In Yangiu, quality rice is produced in fertile soils with Mt. Gangak’s clean air and clear waters. Grown with the sweat and love of the local farmers, the rice is tasty and has a great texture. The ...
[Black Rice]
Black rice is different from the regular rice we usually eat in that it is either black or purple in color.
[Chemical-free Duckling Rice]
Containing various nutrients from rice, Rice water is known to remove sebum, prevent skin troubles, and rejuvenate skin cells.
[Rice Soybean]
Surokgol Village in Baeksan-myeon, Gimje produces environmentally-friendly farm produce.
[Duckling Rice]
Duckling Rice Method is an environmentally-friendly cultivation method with which men and nature can breathe, eat, feel, and love together.
Rice has been a staple of the Korean diet for 5,000 years and will always be the main food in Korea. Jincheon is a basin surrounded by the Charyeong Mountain Range with a lovely climate and the clean...
[Yellow Earth Odae Rice ]
Jindeung Village’s organic Yellow Earth Odae Rice does not use chemicals, and uses environmentally-friendly, organic duckling method in addition to the yellow earth soils.
[Specialties (Rice)]
Waterflower Village’s Chemical-Free Duckling Rice Farming Team represents the local farmers’ devotion to preserve a pollution-free environment. Currently, about 3.3ha of farmland applies Duckling Met...
[Specialties (Rice)]
Yeoncheon is included in Chugaryeong Region in the center of the Korean Peninsula and is the northernmost part of Gyeonggi-do.
[Duckling Rice]
Gyeonggi Rice Research Institute and Yangpyeong-gun Rice Love Association have helped us produce organic rice using Duckling Method since 2003. The village established a rice processing plant and act...
[Local Specialties (Rice and Pepper)]
Rice: Anseong has abundant water sources, a good chain of irrigation, and moderate climate. Thus, Anseong is the best pollution-free rice producing town in Gyeonggi-do.
[Rice Grown with Crakes]
This is the rice grown in clean reclaimed farmland and the variety is the strictly selected rice whose flavor is good.
[Haenaru Rice]
Haebaru Rice is cultivated in the reclaimed land which has perfect irrigation facilities, a sufficient water source, and sufficient minerals. Because of the natural ocean wind and lots of sunlight, it...
[Geochang Rice]
"Healthy rice that are naturally dried over Gajo Sunshine."The rice boasts its great quality, which was dried naturally over sunshine of clean Geochang Ganam Village. Nothing is like it.
[environment friendly agricultural methods]
Due to the side effects caused by overuse of chemical fertilizers and agrichemicals, various environment friendly agricultural methods are attracting public attention.
[Sanyang Clean Rice]
Sanyang Clean Rice is cultivated in Sanyang’s pollution free environment and is the largest rice cultivator of Samcheok. Its fertile soils produce highly tasteful and quality rice.
[Introduction of blue duck rice ]
We produce healthy rice plants by using oak tree charcoals mixed with Myosangto (a sanitized soil) and Chinese medicine nutrients and by foliar-applying wood acids twice.Blue duck rice system is that ...
[The Most Favorite Rice of King Wanggun]
Characteristics The rice produced in the fertile soils of Naju Plain with the devotion of Agricultural Cooperative and the farmers
[Germanium Rice]
According to the analysis of Korea Basic Science Institute, the germanium rice of Yeongam-gun Agricultural Technology Center contains 0.058~0.155ppm of germanium and is recognized for its effects.
As an upscale produce produced in the God-blessed nature, the rice is produced based on an environmentally-friendly farming technique so the quality is very high and consumers can enjoy it without wor...
Hadomun Village, where clean nature meets cool breeze, is a typical farm village and produces various fully nutritional and high-quality rice, barley, soybeans, and corns.
[Soyang River Ureonggaksi Rice]
Soyang River Ureonggaksi Rice is environmentally-friendly rice that is cultivated in Seombae Village’s clean environment and fresh waters. It is good for health and highly tasteful because it uses ri...
[Sales Product]
We put ducks on the plain instead of the chemical fertilizer to satisfy consumers by making an environmentally friendly farm, protecting from water pollution, and making our environmentally friendly b...
Maple Beauty Rice We have selected the breed that tastes the best and made contracts with farms with fertile lands to grow these breeds. These rice are high quality rice and maintain 16% of water. ...
[Jeongjungang Village Odae Rice]
Jeongjungang Village’s Odae Rice is cultivated in pollution-free clean water and clean natural environment, has unique stickiness, good taste, unique scent, shininess and nutty flavor.
[Sulfur Duckling Rice]
The sulfur duckling rice produced in Muam Wolseon-ri Artists’ Village is cultivated environmentally-friendly with no chemical fertilizers and therefore is very high in quality.
[Rice, which is used in Duck farming techniques]
There are lots of crops that are made using natural composts and natural repellants in Seonbawi village.
[Black Rice]
We do not know when we started cultivating black rice in Korea, but our ancestors recorded that one of the native species of rice has red-brown grains.
[Environmentally-friendly Chinese Mitten Crab Rice]
Chinese mitten crabs were first introduced to Hakjeok Village’s rice cultivation in 2003.
[Jachae Rice ]
Jachae Rice is a special local grade of rice produced in the Icheon area and, as the taste is uniquely good
[Rice ]
Organic and non-polluted rice of Gaya 1-ri is harvested on fertile fields that were formed when Namhangan River was flooded, the village organized an environmentally friendly organic farming team in 1...
[Yeonhwagaksi rice ]
Yeonhwagaksi rice of Changnyeong Seonggok Organic Village is cultivated with clean water that flows into the farmland from Ansim Valley
[Truly Tasty Rice]
Korea’s best ‘Truly Tasty Rice’ ‘Truly Tasty Rice’ is produced in Imsil Baksagol Village. Among 182 RPC of Korea, it was selected the only Best A (highly satisfactory ? 12 types nationwide) in Jeonb...
[HwangDung Rice]
HwangDung Rice is carefully selected high quality rice that produced in about 200ha of HwangDung Field with clean Seomjin River.
[An introduction of real green- periwinkle rice]
Farming using periwinkles reduces environmental pollution, and at the same time provides an option for people who prefer safe agricultural products.
[Mud snail rice]
Mud snail rice Big mud snails eat vegetables, water plants, and soft grass on and under the water. The mud snail farming method is to remove weed using the snails.
[Environment-friendly Farming]
The types if dry-field farming varies depending on locating conditions. They are generally large in size and harvest a variety of crops.
The rice that is produced through the participation of the whole village is the pride of this village. Our rice product is dedicated to taking care of the consumer’s health and protecting nature.
The rice produced in this village is considered to be one of the best rices by mothers who have a lot of interest in their family’s health.
[Saponin Rice]
Ginseng saponin is a type of compound material and is known for its medical efficacies for enhanced stamina, tranquility, hematosis, and anti-hypertension.
[Organic rice]
Our village has a farming association formed with families for environmentally-friendly non-chemically fertilized dduck rice and the members of the team, all seven farming families, are certified
[Crane Peace Village]
Baekma Highlands’ Odae Rice, a specialty of Crane Peace Village, has slightly bigger grains and as it can be preserved loner as cooked rice, it is great for packaged lunches.
[tomato village]
It is a method of continued farming by harmonizing farming with the environment. It is aimed to secure consistent production and to produce safety food by minimizing chemical herbicides and fertilize...
[hsjurassic village]
Hwaseong expanded area of rice farming by improving the basis such as forming resting farms, improving farm roads, using Hapbae Rice and forming swampy rice fields. We also increased planting high-yi...
[baekhak information network village]
Yeoncheon Rice is cultivated in fertile basaltic soils with pure waters and fresh air from Imjin River, long daytime sunlight and huge diurnal difference of temperatures to accumulate great sweetness ...
Germanium Rice is low-chemical low-fertilizer rice that achieves resistance against diseases and lodging with the substances of sericite. The abundant Amylose substance makes the rice delicious and t...
[Hoelyongpo Village]
The rice of the Sea King and the condiments of his Queen. The Oath of Korea’s Farm Products!! It is clean and trustable. Four factors should come together for successful farming: fertile soil, cle...
[Rice Bran Method]
When rice bran deteriorates, it generates organic acid. This organic acid prevents the sprouting and rooting of weeds by darkening the water and generating unique oily substance. Plant the rice and ...
[boksaggot village]
The germanium chitosan rice of Boksaggot Village is clearer and more appetizing functional rice.
'Nari Village’s Ori Rice' is cultivated environmentally-friendly using non-chemical duck method. When cooked, it is shiny and delicious.
[Yuseong Onchon Guam Bae Village]
Gorasil Rice is produced by maximizing the natural methods and by three generations of producers who use Gorasil Method. Il-Ho Seo, a 3rd generation farmer, was awarded President’s Honor and appointe...
[Neungju Information Village]
Clean Water Rice is high-quality rice of Neungju's clean region cultivated environmentally-friendly. Their quality is thoroughly managed and they are milled in modern facilities.
[dongchang village]
Clean Duck Method Rice produced in Dongchang Village is distributed throughout Korea by the name of Hongcheon River Sura Rice. The taste and quality of the rice is superior and its demand and cultiva...
[Songchoen Village]
Clean rice is cultivated pollution-free to maintain the taste and quality of Songcheon rice cake.
It is high-quality rice produced in the fertile and clean soil of Anseong. It was awarded with the first prize at National Rice Fair in 1999 and 2000 and with the first and second prizes at Gyeonggi ...
[bonghwang hwangto village]
In the high-quality loamy Yellow Earth (the fish of yellow earth has clearer scales and skins than those of pure water.
[youngjeon yellowcher village]
Haenaru Rice is a high-class brand of Dangjin, Chungnam with premium quality and taste and is very popular among the urban consumers
[hwangsan village]
Ori Rice of Hwangsan Village is produced in clean environment for superior quality and taste.
[Cheongwan Village]
The clean rice cultivated in the fertile reclamation land of clean Deungnyang Port and milled in the ultramodern systems of General Rice Mill is widely known throughout Korea as "Identified Jangheung ...
[Jangseong Hwangyong Village]
We privately cultivate our Environmentally-friendly Rice using organic fertilizers and 50% less chemicals and the pure water of Hwangyong River, the water source of Gwangju citizens.
[Environmentally-friendly Rice (Toha Rice)]
The environmentally-friendly Toha Rice produced in the clean region of Korea’s first Specialized Environmentally-friendly Farming Zone is environmentally-friendly cultivated with non-chemical organic ...
[Camellia Village]
We feed weeds and harmful insects, which used to be obstacles for rice farming, to ducks. So we can feed ducks as well as prevent the harm caused by weeds and harmful insects at the same time.
[Geumosan chalsalbori Village]
it is officially defined as follow by Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry. Organic farming is a method of farming using only natural sources such as organics, minerals and microbes. It doesn't allow ...
[Yeoju Greentour Village]
Yeoju rice which was on the king's dinner table is the symbol of blessing and prayer, and has been succeeding it's quality and taste as the pronoun of 'tasty and making people to feel like eating" ric...
[Mundang Ecology Village]
It is rice with so much nutrition, such as protein, mineral, vitamin, carbohydrate and lipid!! Although the amount of protein, 6~7%, is a little bit less, but, like bean, it contains high quality prot...
[Tongil Village]
Rice is the principal staple of Koreans. Rice contains carbohydrate, lipid, protein, vitamins, minerals and water.
[Yangdong Folk Village]
Yangdong Folk Village produces clean rice in good environment with fertile yellow soil and clean water. Yangdong rice tastes good since it contains a lot of microelement good for human body. Nature fr...
[Wine-mellowing Village]
Juchoen is typical mountain village of Korea. JuCheon is located at the upper stream area of NamHan river, where clean natural environment is well reserved.
[Baegam Hot Spring Village]
Uljin Gun Farming Technology Center, National Agricultural Products Quality Management Service, Onjeong National Agricultural Cooperative Federation cooperate to produce the Uljin Beagam germanium ric...
[Seobyeon Village]
It is cultivated by contract with organic agriculture and the first-class water of Geochang. It is high quality rice having 100% purity through quality assurance. It can guarantee the best quality in ...
[Hwang-u Rice Village]
Dubu Agricultual Cooperative Association in our village cultivate and sell agricultural chemical free Hwangu Rice. This rice is certified as Quality Certified Rice from National Agricultual Quality A...
[Moheung Hwangto Village]
It is high-quality product competitive in market with better taste and reliability. How is the rice produced? Now let’s find out. It is produced in an optimistic climate and clean water and raised in ...
[Bongseogol Village]
The authorization of non-agricultural chemicals cannot be obtained easily. Agricultural chemicals or chemical fertilizers can be stained to vegetables by not only water but also wind. So the farmers a...
[Buyun Village]
As this rice is grown in perfect cultivation conditions such as clean water, fresh air, rich soil and ample sunshine, it is clean and glossy, and has a very good flavor. Best season to buy: All year...
[Jeongan Bamtori Village]
Jeongan Hwangto Rice is the results of a rich soil and the sweat and toil of young agricultural leaders in the region. It is known that Yellow Soil containing the most far infrared ray among natural...
[Daesin Farm Village]
What is SIMCHONG RICE? It is differentiated from the type, protective vermin, storage, and process and it was prompted with a view to make a brand by producing high quality rice.
[Ganggyeong Jeokkal Market Village]
Chal-rice-barley-rice in Nonsan absorbs water quickly and is expended by water easily so that it can be boiled with rice without boiling seperately. As it is gloosy, elastic and moist, it makes rice t...
[Sweet pumpkin/Tomato Village]
Dangjin is a city of rice. Main agricultural products is rice and it is main income for farming houses.There are Chodaedeul, Haebaragi plantation(Sangori)Gaedeok(Shindangri) like wide and rich plains ...
[Bamduduk Village]
Bamduduk farmers grow non-pollutant rice by using their unique farming methods called wild duck agricultural method, pond snail agricultural method, and rice bran agricultural method. Those methods ca...
[samsaeng Village]
This area produces rice in uncontaminated area that clean environment of origin of Hjongcheon River is reserved through developing uncontaminated agricultural technique and improving quality of rice. ...
[Eco-Sanchon Village]
Use ducks instead of using the agricultural chemicals and the chemical fertilizers The method is like this: Just let the ducks go around to the grain field in the morning and gather them in the eveni...
[38seon Village]
Yeonchon rice which was presented on the King’s table Yeonchon 38seon village is the nearest village to the 38th parallel line and a few people visit the village. The field with good soil spread wid...
[Nakjo Village]
Rich and glossy Gangwha rice. Said to have been served to the Kings due to its good taste, Gangwha rice is farmed in fertile, unpolluted soil with clean water and air, which with enough sunshine gives...
[Togomi Village]
This is non-agriculture medicine used and using the method of stocking a stream with ducks.
[Toseong-folk Village]
It is differentiated from the type, protective vermin, storage, and process and it was prompted with a view to make a brand by producing high quality rice.
[Baekkot Village]
Rice, the typical grain in Korea, is grown by an environmentally friendly cultivation method in order to pursue conservation and sustainability of agricultural resources. Agricultural chemicals are n...
[Hampyeong mud sauna Village]
Astragalus Rice of Hampyeong is cultivated in an environment-friendly method using astragalus flowers. The excellent rice taste and luster come from weather conditions proper for rice cultivation as w...
[Wondong orchard Village]
Wondong Orchard Village also produces high-quality rice as a rice-producing complex authorized by the Korean government.
[Midae/Naedong Village]
The pollution-free rice-farming complex cultivates rice using Chinese mystery snails according to the project for developing specialized regional farming.
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