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Chorok Villages rice is cultivated in eco-friendly ways.  Duckling method and river snail method are used on the soils fertilized by Mt.Gamaks clean air and clear waters.  As the village almost does not use any chemical, you can free yourself from the worries.  Set your table with the clean and healthy rice from Chorok Village.

Duckling Method

Duckling method is a way of combining nature and farming.  Instead of chemicals, ducklings are used to eliminate diseases and weeds.  Also, their organic fertilizers strengthen the soils for good harvests.

River Snail Method

This is a method of releasing river snails to remove weeds in the farms.  Golden apple snail is a unique type of river snail that is different from the native river snail of Korea, and this particular kind of snail is the best to use for this method.

Golden apple snail crawls on the bottom of waters on its belly and legs.  As it breathes through its lung, however, it comes up to the surface when it needs oxygen.  It eats any kind of plant, but it cannot eat what has already grown above the surface of water.  This is why it is used to eliminate weeds in farming
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