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Rice Soybean

* Rice
Surokgol Village in Baeksan-myeon, Gimje produces environmentally-friendly farm produce.  We are located in between Mangyeong River from Mt. Daedun and Dongjin River from Mt. Naejang and our farmers use organic Snail Method, along with the clean waters and fertile yellow earth, instead of using pesticides and chemical fertilizers.  
Rice is processed, carefully selected and packaged after we receive the purchase orders, in order to enhance the quality and freshness of the product.  The packaged rice is then stored in low-temperature depots to maintain the quality of the grains.
When cooked, our rice is shiny, has good texture, and shows its unique taste and flavor.  Each grain contains flavor in its shiny appearance and the nutty taste that satisfies our appetite. Rice bran cultures microorganisms and is used to feed livestock or ferment fertilizers.  

* Soybean
Surokgol Village specializes in rice cultivation and uses environmentally-friendly methods to produce soybean among clean air and water.  Our soil contains germanium that helps grow healthy and tasty foods. Functional rice and soybean is also used to make soybean paste and pepper paste or powdered foods and baby foods.

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