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Specialties (Rice)

Waterflower Village’s Chemical-Free Duckling Rice Farming Team represents the local farmers’ devotion to preserve a pollution-free environment.  Currently, about 3.3ha of farmland applies Duckling Method (50 tons of rice) and about 33ha of farmland applies Low-chemical Method (500 tons of rice) for environmentally-friendly farming.  The Team is dedicated to expand these methods throughout the entire area.

* Duckling Rice: Duckling Method is an environmentally-friendly farming method which releases ducklings to eliminate harmful insects and weeds in the farm and use their feces to fertilize the soil.  Ducklings, instead of pesticides and chemical fertilizers, are used to eliminate harmful insects and weeds and produce organic fertilizers that improve the quality of the soil.  Using the Duckling Method, the farmers can provide healthy rice to consumers.   

Low-chemical Rice: Low-chemical Method uses the amount of chemical fertilizers recommended by the Director of Agricultural Technology Center, while using only half of the chemical pesticides allowed by safety regulations.  Also, residual chemicals are cut down to half of what is permitted by the Minister of Health and Welfare according to the Food Sanitation Act.

Waterflower Village’s environmentally-friendly rice will protect the consumers’ health by providing healthy, chemical-free food.

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Specialties (Rice)
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