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Environmentally friendly rice

We put ducks on the plain instead of the chemical fertilizer to satisfy consumers by making an environmentally friendly farm, protecting from water pollution, and making our environmentally friendly brand rice.



 Glutinous rice Barley

If you use barley and rice together to cook, because barley can be cooked slower than rice, so the rice will not be cooked well. Therefore, barley doesn't become chewy and feels too hard and is hard to chew.  

In order to change this disadvantage of the barley, we added glutinous genes to the barley to make it chewier and to make it taste better.


 Colored potatoes

This potato was invented by Gangwon university, Agriculture Biology Science Lim, Hak-Tae professor; and it can be steam cooked as a normal potato, can be processed as a snack, and can be eaten raw as a fruit. The purple colored potato (called 'Juice valley') is also called the apple from under the ground. It has many ingredients that can protect from aging, and can be eaten raw, and the golden colored potato (called 'Taebok Valley') has 41% of the calories found in a normal potato, so it can be used for dieting and has sufficient vitamin C.



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