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HwangDung Rice

HwangDung Rice is carefully selected high quality rice that produced in about 200ha of HwangDung Field with clean Seomjin River.

- Process of produce -

In spring, plant milk vetch at field and till it and induct herb method and put rice straw to ground and make enough organic matter, with this, amount of sunshine and clean water form Seomjin river, people make good rice.

We can trust it because all processes such as harvest, drying, polishing, packing, transport by farming corporation directly.


- Characteristic taste of rice -

The stickiness of mud and a good component of loess are harmonized by main factor of HwangDung field. Those conditions make rice greasier and to stay stickiness. it could be better to cook your rice with steam cooker


HwangDung Rice sells at Big mart at national capital region and more than one hundred family do their best to make better rice with farming corporation and it win a ministry of agriculture and forestry prize in high quality rice valuation.


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