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Jeongan Bamtori Village
Jeongan Hwangto Rice

Jeongan Hwangto Rice is the results of a rich soil and the sweat and toil of young agricultural leaders in the region.
It is known that Yellow Soil containing the most far infrared ray among natural minerals inhibits the aging of cells, prevents the acidification of a human body, and hastens the circulation of blood. Such a feature of Yellow Soil was already applied to Hwangto floor and Hwangto sauna bath, gaining popularity among the public.
Hwangto Rice, which was raised in Yellow Soil under the condition of the least fertilizer and agricultural chemicals, is an eco-friendly grain containing the elements of the soil.

The following are the features of Jeongan Hwangto Rice:
The rice is produced in Yellow Soil containing many microelements.
The seed used in cultivating the rice is Ilpumbyeo, which enjoys the recognition of a good taste around the world.
The quality of the rice was improved with its cultivation of single-crop farming during the right season.
Its boiled food has a good taste since it was harvested at the right season.
The farmers in the region use a reasonable amount of fertilizer (about 70 % as much as the general farming houses do) following the examination of the soil.
They supply a proper amount of water until 35 after it came into ears.
It is dried in the sun using rice straw or other similar nets.
It is excellent in shape, smell, taste, gloss and glutinosity.

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