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Yuseong Onchon Guam Bae Village
Gorasil Rice


Gorasil Farm produces "Fresh rice of youth." The term "Gorasil” refer to “deep and well-drained fertile farmland.” Based on the fertility of the farms, Gorasil Farm self-produces 500tons of compost and uses it to produce Gorasil Rice.

Environments and Characteristics

Gorasil Rice is grown in fertile soils with Alpha-green and no chemical herbicides. Therefore, its quality with less than 1/2 chemical content compared to other rice crops is unmatched. Also, the rice crops nourish in Gorasil Farm with well-organized irrigation systems.
Gorasil Farm applies rice-straws, rice bran, compost and limestone to the soils once a year and minimizes the application of chemical fertilizers to manage the soils.
Gorasil Rice is provided along with the name of the producers by simplifying the circulation route. The rice crops cultivated by Hanareum Circulation and those custom-cultivated here are milled here at Gorasil Farm. We systematically manage harvesting -> drying -> preserving -> milling -> distributing and provide premium-quality rice using ultramodern milling machines.

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