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Organic Rice

Non fertilized rice cultivated using duck/ big freshwater snail.

Organic rice is being produced by making use of ducks instead of fertilizer and herbicide in Whajeon village.

Non fertilized rice can be produced based on this technique by scattering endemic microorganism in the paddy field first, then releasing ducks in it to eat up pests and weeds as well  


Additionally, the juice of green leaves consisted of  the wormwood in the nature and dropwort,

herbal nutrient, wood vinegar are sprayed every 15 days to supply nutrients and vitality to produce healthy rice. So the rice produced in Whajeon village has enjoyed good reputation nationwide with a lot of nutrients and good tastes.

What is non fertilized rice cultivated based on duck/ fresh water snail in Yangpyeong with clean water?  

- Duck/ Fresh water snail living in herd in water eat everything edible including seaweed or insect.

These characteristic can bring about those effect to remove weed- removing, spraying insecticide, plowing and to provide nutrients.

- We are trying to produce safe and tasteful agricultural products believable to eat through the way to revive the power of soli, water and true technique helpful for the health of people

The organic rice produced in the clean environment province, Yongmun, the region of water reservation, Is your wife’s best choice to support family’s health.


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Special product
Organic Rice
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