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Frost soybean

[Frost soybean]


◎ This is a kind of black soybeans, it means the soybean whose shell color is black and the cotyledon is green and grain is thick, which is called ‘inside green soybean’ in some areas.

◎ The local breed whose grain is thick and the inside is green usually has a long crop growing period, so it is harvested around the season of first frost and it is ripen with being frosted so it is called frost soybean.

◎ It is easily softened when absorbed in water and has high sugar content so it is put in boiled rice with other cereals.

 The inside is light green, so the liquid from it makes appetizing green color.

◎ Black soybean has a lot of isoflavone to have similar function with estrogen.

- How to eat

◎ Soybeans are better to be cooked.

◎ Soybeans are good in mixing to boiled rice.  

◎ Black soybeans are good to make black soybean curd, black soybean steak, black soybean noodles and black soybean cake.

◎ The anthocyan of black soybeans is water-soluble so it is easily melt in water. Thus, we should be careful not to soak them in water for a long time.

◎ The best way to eat black soybeans is to make vinegar soybeans.

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