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Green Tea Valley Cherry Tomatoes
Green Tea Valley Cherry Tomatoes

○ Producers: 19 farms
○ Area: 4ha
○ Annual Production: 246M/T
○ Distribution: Oct ~ next May
○ Characteristics Boseong's Green Tea Valley Cherry Tomatoes that are easy to enjoy, abundant in Vitamin C and deliciously sour, are welcomed as a good dieting food for controlling the water content of human body.

○ History of Cherry Tomatoes
   (1) Origin: Western Highlands of South America
   (2) Mostly produced in Gyeonggi, Chungna, Gyeongbuk and Gyeongnam Provinces in Korea.
           Many are institutionally cultivated around urban areas of Seoul and Daegu.
   (3) Origin: tomatoes were spread from Italy throughout Europe in early 16th cen and reached Britain in early 17th cen.
           They were first cultivated for flower pots and started to be grown for table purposes in Italy in 18th cen.

○ Species of Tomatoes

① Koko
      Presented by Dakii Nursery Company of Japan in 1994, they have firm and dark reddish fruits. They have less dehiscent fruits with soft peelings.
      Included in mid and large-scale family of cherry tomatoes, the fruits weigh about 20∼50g.
      About 25 fruits bear from a flower, so the flowers do not need to be pruned. The production is relatively consistent for stable distribution.

② Pepe
      Presented by Dakii Nursery Company of Japan, they are distinguished by light reddish colors.
      The peelings are hard and the fruits are firm, so the peelings tend to cling to the mouth and are prone to produce dehiscent fruits.       They are small-scaled with average weight of 15 ∼ 20g.

③ Mini Carol
      Presented by Sakada Nursery Company of Japan, they bear a lot of fruits and are strong against dehiscent fruits.
      Although they are 0.5% less sweet than Pepe, they can be stored longer and have soft peelings and firm fruits for premium quality.

④ Mountain Cherry Extra
      Although they could be cultured one whole year, they are each to grow, especially for winter and no-rain cultivation.
      The permanent plantation is implemented when they bear 7~8 leaves.
      They are planted separately and pruned leaving 7~8 buds for long-term cultivation.
      Weighing 14∼15g, they are relatively small-scale. With 9∼10°Bx of sweetness, they are strong in early years.

Glass Greenhouse Tomatoes

○ Producers: 1 corporation (6 farms)
○ Area: 2.2ha
○ Annual Production: 1,465M/T
○ Distribution: Throughout the year
○ Characteristics They are certified environmentally-friendly products of nutriculture.
As they are harvested fully-ripened, they have high 'Lycopene' content to be carcinostatic.
Two of these tomatoes satisfy daily requirement of Vitamin C.

They are good to be enjoyed with oily food such as meat or fish and contain Rutin that is good for high blood pressure to strengthen the arteries. Also, they equally contain nutrition factors that are essential for vitalizing the cerebral activities and controlling the generation of blood, such as iron and calcium. Therefore, they are great for elders and actively growing kids.

○ Tomato Dishes
1. Capres Tomato Salad
★ Ingredient: 1/4 of whole lettuce, 50g green chicory, 2 tomatoes, a piece of mozzarella cheese (500g), Lemon dressing (olive oil, lemon juice, fresh basil, rosemary)

- Chop the mozzarella cheese into 12 pieces.
- Make knife-scars on the tomatoes, dip them in hot water and remove the peelings.
- Beautifully decorate lettuce, green chicory and tomatoes in a bowl with mozzarella cheese.
- Add lemon dressing.

2. Gazpacho Soup
★ Ingredient: 4~5 tomatoes, half onion, 1 cucumber, 1 red pepper, 1 piece of garlic, 2 pieces of sandwich bread, 4 tablespoons of olive oil, 2 tablespoons of vinegar, salt and pepper, freshwater, one fully-boiled egg- Make knife-scars on the tomatoes, dip them in hot water and remove the peelings.

- Shred the onion and peel off the cucumber, cut it in half and remove the seeds to shred it.
- Cut the pepper is half, remove the seeds and shred it to be 2cm in length.
- Remove the edges from the bread and chop it to be 1cm in width.
- Grind tomatoes, onion, pepper and garlic and later add bread and olive oil and filter the mixture.
- Add vinegar and water, refrigerate the mixture for 2 hours and serve with chopped egg

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