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[ Tomato ]
[Cherry Tomato ]
It is one of local specialties. A number of farms grow agricultural products by using EM, an environment-friendly farming technique.
[Special products of Bidoolginang(Tomatoes)]
Tomatoes grown with clear air and water of Pochun have high sweetness as well as great taste and flavor.
[Cherry tomatoes]
- Cherry tomatoes produced in Golden Chicken Village with clean natural environment and good quality soil, have characteristically great quality of pulp and red hue. Chung-ja-gol Gang-jin cherry tomat...
[Sangok Slow Village tomato]
Sangok Slow Village’s tomatoes are grown with the clear waters from the high mountains. The cultivator team has earned KRW 1.5 billion a year by cultivating tomatoes.
[Chemical-free Tomatoes and Squash]
Tomato is great for relieving fatigue. It contains fructose and glucose, as well as large amounts of Vitamins C, B1, and B2.
Jeongseon’s clean tomatoes are produced on highlands 500m above sea level or higher, in warm temperature and under abundant sunlight.
[Organic Rice, Full Ripen Tomato]
Our farmers made full ferment fertilizer to farm the environment friendly tomato.
Tomatoes are Baebau Village’s major production and are grown in 31,700㎡ of land in Annam-myeon. They are harvested twice a year between March and June and October and November and are grown pollution...
[Tomatoes ]
With the emergence of colored foods, tomatoes have become one of the most popularized foods. As a proverb from Europe says, “The redder the tomatoes, the paler the doctor’s face,” tomatoes are a healt...
[Cherry Tomato]
Cherry tomatoes contain many vitamins, especially lots of vitamin A and vitamin C. Cherry tomatoes contain 8 times more vitamin A than strawberries,
Tomato, also known as "Illyeon Persimmon" originated from the high mountains of west South America. Tomato trees are approximately 1m in height, with lots of branches, and soft white fuzz. The leaves ...
[Cherry Tomatoes]
Tomatoes were first introduced to the world around 1,000 B.C.E. Wild cherry tomatoes were first spread across Europe around 1520 by Spain conquerors.
[Kettle-cover Tomatoes]
Cultivated in the fertile soils of Nakdong River-mouth with the 50-year history and technology, the tomatoes have firm flesh and high sweetness maintaining the original taste and scent of tomatoes. D...
[Anseong tomatoes]
Tomatoes have very easy-growing and highly-absorbing roots for a type of vegetables that they can be cultivated for a long time. Without severe coldness such as frosts or below-zero temperatures, the...
[Green Tea Valley Cherry Tomatoes ]
Cultivated in abundant sunlight and relatively warn temperatures, the cucumbers have great original taste and scent. They are widely accepted as their firm freshness is preserved longer.
[Chilgok Kumnam Tomatoes]
Tomatoes are newly introduced to Chilgok Kumnam Cucumber Flowery Hill Village to be expected to become a new kind of profitable farm product.
[Magpie tomatoes]
There are ultramodern institutional vinyl-house facilities in Magpie Village to produce pollution-free institutional vegetables throughout the year. Magpie Village especially pays much intention to pr...
[chilsan tomatoes]
Tomatoes are said to have originated from the southern highlands of South America and to have introduced to Korea around 1614.Tomato culturing methods are Premature Cultivation, Forcing Culture and Re...
[Neungju Cherry Tomatoes]
With the geographical conditions of the upstream of Yeongsan River with abundant sunlight and high diurnal difference of temperatures, our cherry tomatoes have high sweetness and high-quality taste. ...
[dongchang Tomatoes]
Dongchang Village produces about 100 tons of high quality tomatoes every year. Also, Agricultural Products Recall Policy from 1997 and self-selection system from 2004 motivated the producers to produ...
[Cheongwan Cherry Tomatoes]
Cherry Tomatoes of Jangheung produced in the pure waters and fertile soils of Cheongwan Mountains and the oceanic winds from the clean seas are premium quality with bright red colors, firm freshness a...
[Jangseong Hwangyong tomatoes]
They have abundant vitamin content and unique scent with thin peelings and high sweetness. With complete ultramodern automotive equipments, the cultivation is perfectly automated to control the envir...
[Bell tomato]
In Japan, having been cultivated and produced since 1975, now the area and production have increased rapidly. In Korea, it was introduced to some farmhouses in 1980’, from 1990’ there has been a rapid...
[Chitosan tomato]
The Chitosan farming method is orgarnic faming methods in which a soil is fertilized by mineral fertilizer made of the crab shells and chitosan and its liquid chitosan extracts several times. Chitosa...
[Dangjin Tomato]
Condition of Cultivation in DangjinActural condition of Production(02)Nutrition Ingredient- 92% of moisture and many vitamin contentGlutamate which prevent creating kind of acid that make people fell...
[Changso mini tomato]
The mini tomatoes that are produced in Ye San has a proud of high quality and good taste, and having excellent responses from consumers.Because of farmers’ farming techniques and suitable natural cond...
[Bangul Tomato]
Bangul Tomato is also called Cherry Tomato, Mini Tomato, and Baby Tomato. People often eat it in a tomato juice or a tomato sauce. Tomato is a plant belonging to Solanaceae, which is cultivated as a p...
[Seongju Ripen Baby Tomatoes]
Baby tomatoes are cultivated with the pure water flowing down from Mt. Gaya and under ideal weather conditions. They have an unforgettable taste and flavor. Only top-quality tomatoes are selected, pac...
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