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Ganam Strawberries

How to pick good strawberries

It should be cone shape and glossy with fine color.

Fresh strawberries are pinkish red up to the stem, and leaves are green.

You should avoid strawberries with seeds are outer surface and irregular shape.

How to handle

Since strawberries are vulnerable to moisture, it gets softened when put in plastic bags. So it helps to preserve its freshness and original shape by buying in paper boxes. These days, once they are picked from trees, some goes out on retail market preserved in 1kg paper boxes, and they are pretty fresh.

How to wash

There are people who take so much effort to wash strawberries but by doing so, it will make it squeezed and take away its taste and scent as fruits soaked with detergent.

It is already good enough if you put strawberries in a basket and rinse it with running water. That way, it preserves the shape, taste and fragrance. Also, if they are deepened in water for more than 30 seconds, Vitamin C is lost, so when you are to wash it, what it without taking off the stems and just rinse it quickly. But for strawberries that are not by parasite-free cultivation, you should take extra effort to wash the surface in order to prevent any harm cause by parasite and chemicals.

How to preserve

Since it is so soft and easy to be spoiled, preservation is not easy and you can’t let it stay for more than a day in normal temperature.

Thus, it is best to eat it right after purchase, and if you are to keep it for some time, preserve in refrigerator without taking off the stems, with vinyl wrap on.

That is because, if you take off the stems, moisture in the fruit is evaporated.
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