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[ StrawBerry ]
[Usan Jirungi village_Bokbunja ]
Bokbunja is a type of mountain berries. It differs to the ordinary berries in that it has white powder on its root and becomes blackish red when fully ripened.
As this village is located across the edge of Eunsuksa, one thousand year old temple, and Giphyeon mountain, the highest peak in Jinju, is a clean province with clear air, clean water, fertilized soil...
Once upon a time, an old couple gave birth to a son. However, he was too weak and no medicine could heal him. One day, a Buddhist monk suggested feeding him Bokbunja. The couple gave him Bokbunja ...
After cultivating colorful bell peppers, bell pepper cultivators use the soil and instruments to cultivate quality, clean strawberries in aquiculture.
[Ganam Strawberries]
It should be cone shape and glossy with fine color. Fresh strawberries are pinkish red up to the stem, and leaves are green. You should avoid strawberries with seeds are outer surface and irregular sh...
[Nampyeong Strawberries]
Characteristics: Cultivated environmentally-friendly, our strawberries are highly sweet and colorful.
[Imgeum Strawberries]
Imgeum strawberries are pollution-free strawberries that are high in vitamins, sweetness, and organic acid. The fruits are large, colorful, rich in flavor and taste and are produced very sanitarily ...
[Iksan Strawberries]
Iksan strawberries grow in Iksan’s yellow earth that contains various microorganisms and life forms and are cultivated by Jingachamsut, Eunpyeong, Haedoji, and Wontae producers’ associations throughou...
[Seonggi Bokbunja]
There are many different types of mountain berries: Meongseok Berries, Jul Berries, Seom Berries, Winter Berries, Gom Berries, Maekdo Berries, Jang Berries, Suri Berries, etc. Bokbunja refers to berr...
A strawberry has sufficient vitamin C which can make the adrenal cortex active and will control many hormones, so it is helpful to increase your body energy.
[eoryang strawberries]
Eoryang Village distinguishes their specialties through various and unique cultivation processes. They produce great amount of various products including strawberries, melons, lettuces, watermelons a...
[Hwanggang strawberries]
Charming Iceberry is high-quality strawberry that was cultivated through joint seed-raising and selection. Well-known as “Charming Strawberries,” Hwanggang Exported Strawberries of Yulgok-myeon, Hapch...
[Okjong Strawberry]
Hadong Okjong Strawberry that is mainly produced in Okjong-myeon is more brilliant in color and sweeter than other strawberries with abundant nutrition factors such as vitamins.
[Mountain Berries (Bokbunja)]
Bokbunja is an intensive shrub of Rosaceae. Medically used fruits of Bokbunja berries are about 3m high and have bent branches and sharp thorns. The fruits are composed of red kernels and are wildly...
[Duryun strawberries]
Strawberries have twice more vitamins than lemon and 10 times more than apples (80mg in every 100g) to be the fruit with most Vitamin C content with 0.6 ~ 1.5% of sour organic acid.
[Nonsan strawberries]
Nonsan strawberries produced with 30-year experience have Korea’s best taste, sweetness and scent. Environmentally-friendly method using natural enemies wipes away the distrust of abused chemicals, s...
[Jangseong Strawberries]
Our strawberries are big and sweet. As they are cultivated environmentally-friendly and organically using bee-keeping, no chemical residues are found in our products. Recently proven to be effective...
[Geochang Strawberries]
They are clean and cultivated with clean water of an unpolluted area, true unpolluted strawberries without agricultural chemicals. Its taste and flavor are outstanding and it is good for storage becau...
[Yeongpyeong Strawberry ]
Strawberry contains 80mg of Vitamins out of 100g, which is 2 times more than lemon, and 10 times more than apple. It contains the most of Vitamin C than any other fruits, and 1.5% of organic acid.
[Moheung Hwangto Strawberry]
Its abundant water resource, fertilized soil and big temperature difference of a day are the reason why the strawberry has great taste and sweetness. The appropriate climate makes another cultivation ...
[Nonsan Strawberry]
Nonsan strawberry is cultivated at modernized facilities with superior descriptions like Yebong based on fertile soil, abundant quantity of sunshine and pure water resource so that it is famous its ta...
[Daesin Strawberry]
3,738 is produced a year in 124ha of GODAL-MYEON, and KYUNMYUN, GOKSEONG -EUP on the basis of clear nature around SUMJIN River.
[Pungcheon Strawberries]
Pungcheon strawberries are planted in September and harvested from the end of November to the end of May the following year.
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