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Naju Pear
- Naju pear is the world’s best pear grown in Yeongsan River’s quality soil and optimal climate using the local farmers’ accumulated technologies.  Highly sweet and delicious, Naju pear is widely known around the world.  Local farmers are making efforts to produce quality products that always satisfy the consumers.

○ Naju Pear Museum

- Naju Pear Museum promotes the quality and superiority of Naju pear by displaying the history, development, storage, and cultivation of Naju pear.  It exhibits virtually everything about Naju pear, including how the pear forms throughout the seasons at the orchard.

○ Pear Orchard

- Naju’s climate and soil are ideally suitable for pear cultivation.  Naju produces the world’s renowned Naju pear.

   Produced in 2,985ha of pear orchard, Naju pear represents 16% of all pears produced in Korea and 75% of the total pear produced in Jeonnam.  Naju produces so many pears that the word “pear” reminds us of Naju.  Every mid-April, pear blossoms cover every part of Naju like snow and attract many photographers.

○ Naju Pear Distribution Center

- Quality Naju Pear is easily found anywhere in Naju and can also be purchased through online stores.

  Naju Pear Farm Cooperatives, Seji Farm Cooperatives, Nambu/Jungbu Cooperatives, and Natural Naju Pear Cultivator Corporation sell Naju pear across Naju.

○ Naju Pear Food

- Baesuk  

  Baesuk is pieces of pear that are boiled in honey or sugar water with whole-grain pepper inserted inside.  It is widely popular because it is very delicious and easy to make.

- Pear Wine

  When pear is cut into wedges with the peels and matured in Soju, it makes pear wine.  Pear wine becomes richer and tastier with time and can be mixed with carbonated beverages.

- Pear Juice

  Pear is very juicy and has been used to treat thirst since the old times.  Cut pear into small pieces and freeze or cool it to make cool drinks in summer.

- You can also make pear punch and pear compote.  They are easy to prepare and make delicious healthy snacks.


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