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Yeonggok-Ri fruit Village
Whanggol Pear

Character of Youngi Pear
Youngi pear's skin is thin and sweet degree is high. It is famous for it's high quality. And also it was selected as the best pear for 2 years without a break in the national superior pear contest which was sponsored by agriculture cooperative union. It was qualified from the Agricultural product Quality certification. Continuously, in 2000' and 2001', it's superior is notified to all over the world exporting to the east-southern Asia.

Youngi pear's cultivation environment .
Youngigun is located in the eastern of Chungnam, and it is closed by Daejeon, Cheonan and Gongjoo. It is a good position in nationwide, Gyoungbusun railroadand national road come across,  and lower mountain in there is proper land as a usage of sheepland and orchard.
Weather condition belongs to safe area since disaster is of small number comparing with other regions. Annual rainfall is 1,254mm and average temperature for 10 years is 12.2C. These all conditions mean this region is warm area relatively and the weather is profitable for agriculture.
Youngi region is well drained and sandy soil is distributed fully. But, Jochiwon  and Seomyun regions is so proper to agriculture pear since both region' earth is consist of yellow earth.

Nutritionand medical effect of Pear
Pear is alkaline food which has a medical effect maintaining blood as neutrality, driving cough away and keeping good health of children.  And also, pear is useful for hangover cure ,helps urinate and is effective for make meat tendered.

Younggokri Whanggol Pear's distinguish strategy.Soil management
Soil of Whanggol pear is a unique feature of red soil and only full maturity compost is spreaded. And in one field, one time cultivation make a secure quantity of organic matter. And spread above 200kg of rich soil and lime powder per 10 acre  regularly.

Rain and drain management.
For Water and drain management, build up a drain facilities and take a serious view for ventilation transmitted light and give a priority to low using agriculture medicines. They works hard to grow pear as the best sweet degree, soft puply substance and beautiful one
Safeguard of damages by harmful insects and weeds.
Reduce agricultural medicines quantity as one third and they use vegetability enrichment liquor. Cut weeds put under the tree to improve fertility of soil.

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