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Shinbuk Village
Young-am pear 

Young-am pear is cultivating in yellow earth field around Mt. Wolchul, which is called the Gumgang of Honam, with pure natural underground water, abundant sunshine and proper rainfall. It also rose with low chemicals. And the natural organic matter is used for its cultivation that is pro-environmental agricultural technique. So it can be edible with trust and representative agricultural product

The nutrition of pear
The moisture contents of pear is 85~88%, calorie is about 51Cal. The principle elements are carbohydrate, sugar - its content is 10~15%, but it depends on a kind and cultivation area -, protein 0.3%, fat 0.2%, and cellulose 0.5%. Also the contents of natrium, calcium, magnesium occupy 75%. It is strong alkalinity, so that it maintains blood to neutral and keeps you healthy effectively. Compare to apple, the contents of vitamin b₁, b₂is a bit much, the contents of vitamin c is lesser. 

How to pick good pears
- Color
Bright and clear yellow brown color (slightly light red color)
- Size
Round and big
- Shape
Shiny and rounding one is better. Even slightly damaged one is not good.
- Pulpy Substance
the taste after chewing is smooth and no remaining.
- Juice
Juicy and cool one
- Fragrance
Good-smelled one is good.
- Sweetness
Higher in sweetness is better. Sour-taste pear is not good.
- Peel
Thick peel is not good

For better taste
◎ For better taste, keep them on the low temperature rather than on the normal temperature, take the peel off with a knife.
◎ Because pear has enzymes to make meat tender, chop and mix it with meat, then leave the marinated meat overnight.  This produces tender meat and it helps you digest well.
◎ Pears are juicy so it is the best to eat them as soon as they are  picked.

Because pears are  juicy, for better taste, it is good to eat them soon after picking. If they are matched  with other foods, they will make many dishes better. Pears can be a good ingredient in Chaegi, Nangmuyn, Sojonga, Hwachai, Yangangi, Galbichim and many other dishes.

Pear juice

Youngam pear juice is sweet and has plenty of pulp so that it has positive effects on fever, cough, and thirst. It is made from  pears cultivated in red yellow earth. 

Nutrition analysis and effect
Among the nutrition components in a pear, 80~82% is available for intake. The moisture content of a pear is 85~88%, and the calorie is about 51Cal. The principle elements are carbohydrates and sugar - its content is 10~15%, but it depends on the type and cultivation area - protein 0.3% -  same as other fruits, fat 0.2%, and cellulose 0.5% -  a bit less than others. Therefore, if you drink pear juice, made from 100% pear juice, it is effective for sputum, cough, hangover, bowel movements, and swelling.

How to eat deliciously
Keep pear juice in a cool place and drink it as often as you can. In winter, warmed pear juice is good too.

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