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[ Pear ]
Pear is one of fruit produced since the era of Three Nations and has white flowers. There are many species of pear developed since past based on various techniques to attract people’s taste due to the...
[Naju Pear]
Naju pear is the world’s best pear grown in Yeongsan River’s quality soil and optimal climate using the local farmers’ accumulated technologies.
[Naju Pear]
Naju pear is the world’s best pear grown in Yeongsan River’s quality soil and optimal climate using the local farmers’ accumulated technologies. Highly sweet and delicious, Naju pear is widely known ...
[Yeongdeok peach]
Yeongdeok peach
[Yellow Earth Korean Pear]
Yeongam pears are grown in yellow earth. They are highly sweet, soft, and juicy to treat thirst or hangover.
[Burisutong Pear]
It is recorded for pear cultivation dates back to document of Samhan and Silla periods.
Gijangbe has very adequate conditions for growing pears, such as pure water, clean air and uncontaminated soil.
[Seongsan pears ]
Seongsan pears are cultivated using little amount of agrichemicals in a region with God’s blessing climatic conditions. The region has fresh air and shows a great difference in temperature between day...
[Wild Grapes / Pears / Peaches]
Bears bright colors, high sweetness, and outstanding flavors from Mt. Jiri (wild grapes) Since the old times, wild grapes have been known to clear the minds of old priests and meditators and to tranq...
[YongbongsanPear ]
Pears are very sensitive to a lack of sunlight, so it is not good to farm in an area where the sunlight is blocked or where the sun only shines for a very short time.
[Hwasung Pear]
Pear is good for an ulcer, constipation, and urination and also works for congestion, fever alleviation, and cough. Since pear stimulates hepatic activities and disassimilates alcohol in our body,
[Singo Pears (Niitaka)]
pear.jpgAs a basin close to Yellow Sea, Cheonan is an optimum place to grow pears and Cheonan Pears (Singo = Niitaka) have soft fruits and high moisture content. They are recognized for cool and sweet...
[Hwaseong Pears]
Hwaseong Pears are grown in Iho-eong, Gojeong-ri of Hwaseong Song Mountains, Gyeonggi that has a long history of pear production. It is a place where the dinosaur egg fossils were found lately and pr...
[boksaggot village pear]
Our pear farm has been certified by Gangneung government for being the first environmentally-friendly pear farm. Our pear orchard uses herbal extract and green juice instead of herbicide produces tas...
[Nari Green Pears]
Nari Green Pears are characterized by thin peelings, high sugar content and soft fruits. They have been selected premium-quality pears for two years in a row at National Premium Pear Appraisal and ob...
[Yuseong Onchon Guam Pears]
Yuseong Pears are Yuseong’s major specialty that was appointed 『1 Premium Product for 1 Village』. It is widely recognized as premium-quality production with high sweetness, beautiful shapes and crunc...
[Haenam pear]
Pears are one of most popular temperate fruits produced in all parts of Korea. In particular, Haenam region that is free from natural freezing produces the most superior-quality pears with great tast...
[Yuldo Pears]
Fruits of Mokpo Yuldo Laver Village include figs and pears.
[Neungju pear]
As a vicinity of Naju, world's leading producer of pears, we have the climates and other conditions similar to Naju. With the advantageously young mother trees and fertile sandy soils with considerab...
[Jeungsilgok Pears]
Jeungsilgol Pears with soft fruits that melt in mouth are great when eaten cooled in warm rooms in the winter. Our pears are produced by developed techniques in heavenly natural environments. They a...
[Naju Pears]
Naju Pears are one of Naju’s most important local productions. The pear farms are located in the optimum environmental conditions for pear cultivation with 13°C average annual temperature and adequat...
[Yeongjeon Yellow Earth Pears]
Yeongjeon Yellow Earth Pears grow in the oceanic breeze of all seasons to develop less freeze and diseases. As they are grown in yellow earth, their peeling is thin and the fruit is juicy and sweet. ...
[Mother Village Pears]
The natural environments of Gimje Mother Village are optimum for pear cultivation. As everyone knows, the geography of Gimje is composed of plains and the appropriate amount of sunlight and precipita...
[Hwangyong pears]
The environmentally-friendly produced low-pollution pears of Hwangyong Village are highly sweet and juicy with soft and crunchy flesh.
[Yeoju pears]
Yeoju has the proper climate with big daily temperature gab and good amount of sunshine. Especially deep soil layer and fertile high-quality loamy sand made it possible to produce high-quality pear. I...
[The bottle pear and bottle grape]
Unchanging Yellow Pear It is the patented products found only in Yeonchon. It is bred only a little amount a year. The fruits are in the bottles that incite people’s curiosity. They are the organi...
[Pohang Gigye Myeon Pear]
11~15℃ is usually the annual average temperature in principal pear-producing area in Korea. Around 20℃ is , the average temperature from April to October, the period of growing pears. And the average ...
[Naju Pears]
If someone says Naju, Naju pears naturally flashes through one’s mind. The Naju pear is already famous as a local indigenous product. The cultivating region has the optimal natural environment to cu...
[Dunpo Pears]
Fruit wholesalers of Garak market select Dunpo pears as the best ones, and highest auction price of Dunpo pearsare proves it.Dunpo pears keep high quality and taste as the best pears in Korea with far...
[Yangak Pear]
Kimcheon produces high quality of pear in good environment for growing pear. So called 'Kimcheon pear' is well known for its sweetness and smell.
[Sannae pears]
Pears are cultivated all over the country in Korea but the quality depends on weather and drainage. The quality of Sanae pear is high. It is chiefly cultivated in Singo and Wonang in Sannae.
[Indong Pear]
Yangdong produces very sweet, juicy and tender chemical free pear because of geographical traits that gets enough sunshine. Yangdong pear is such a good quality and good for skin, phlegm coughing, all...
[Namhansanseong Pears]
The pear produced in Namhansanseong is especially sugary, yellowish brown and has bright skin. It has rich fruit juice inside and tasty enough. Even at a glace, you will be sure of its palatability. T...
[Whanggol Pear]
Youngi pear’s skin is thin and sweet degree is high. It is famous for it’s high quality. And also it was selected as the best pear for 2 years without a break in the national superior pear contest whi...
[Young-am pear ]
Young-am pear is cultivating in yellow earth field around Mt. Wolchul, which is called the Gumgang of Honam, with pure natural underground water, abundant sunshine and proper rainfall. It also rose wi...
[Nagan Pears]
NAGAN PEAR is delicious and juicy because it receives the sufficient sunshine than any other areas. In 2002, 195ton of this pear exported to Indonesia, Hong Kong, and East Asia. 211 households raise p...
[Hawanto Pear]
Singo pear is the main sort of Hwangto village pear. It has high juice content and satin weave is half in bloom. The collar of short and medium size branches is good. The time of blooming is earlier b...
[Imsil pear]
The taste of the pear flesh chewed with the sound of “sagaksagak”! Imsil pear of which sweet juice is full of your mouth! The Imsil pear, which is cultivated on the big gap of temperature, the condit...
[Wondong pear]
There are several reasons for the fact that the pear at Wondong orchard village is famous. First, Wondong orchard village has appropriate natural environment to cultivated pears. There are a lot of l...
[Aphae Pears]
As Shinan-kun has a world-renowned quantity of germanium deposits underground, pears produced in Aphaedo -center right of Shinhan-kun - are very good for health.
[Seosaeng Pear]
In the mid-1990s, Mindung began cultivating western orchids. After greenhouses for western orchids in Dugu-dong, Busan city and other regions were demolished, farmers searched for a proper area for or...
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