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[ Peach ]
Bugok 1000top Village is located on a cool highland. Therefore, its peaches are harvested later and sweeter than other peaches. The village generally produces yellow peach that is distributed betwee...
Peach is an alkali food full of vitamins A, vitamin C, and pectin. Although it tastes very sweet, it only contains 10% sugar. Its sour taste comes from organic acids. Peach contains about 0.5% mali...
The peach production of Seongju Jangsan Dream Village is gradually increasing as this region has the climate and soil suitable for growing peaches.
Peaches that remind us of Utopia are best in summer. Jangsu produces white peaches and yellow peaches (Changhowon Hwangdo, Nishio Gold).
[Peach Festival]
In the beginning of the fall, you can buy the Icheon peach at a very cheap price and also you can taste it before you buy it during the Janghowon Peach Festival.
[Janghowon Peach]
Local: Janghowon is located in the east of Gyeonggi-do, and orchards are made on the good soil, the diurnal range is also big, so fruits have high quality and high sugar.
[Peach Ingredients & Effects]
The peach can divide into two kinds by the seed. In one type, the seed can be separated easily and in the other it can’t also it can be divided into two skin types.
[Peach Story]
The peach, which is known as the Eastern remedy along with the plum belongs to the traditional 9 representative fruits in Korea and it has a very sweet taste.
[An introduction of the Yeongdeok peach]
An introduction of the Yeongdeok peach and Pine mushroom
[Shindo Peaches]
Shindo has very suitable soils and climate conditions for peaches. As it particularly has high diurnal temperature differences, the peaches grown here are sweeter and juicier than other peaches. It ...
[White Peace]
White Peace ▶ - Weight : 250g approx. ▶ - Sweetness : 13.0。Bx ▶ - Period : Late July ? mid-August ▶ - Sotrage : low ▶ - Price : varies
[Bohyunsan Peaches]
Peaches are also called Doja (桃子). They are sweet, sour, and warm in nature. They are classified into white peaches and yellow peaches. White peaches, with high water content and softness, are usua...
[Peach and snack]
Peach: Mibaek Peach contains a high sweetness and is soft but not easily tendered
[Peaches, Korean Pears, and Strawberries]
Peaches are a specialty of Hakjeon Village by Mt. Moak. Hakjeon’s peaches have firm texture and high sweetness and are highly popular among many people. Jeonju is very proud of its peaches and holds...
[boksaggot village's peaches]
Boksaggok Village has been growing peaches for 68 years and produces 70% of all peaches produced in Yeongdong region.
[Chilbuk Peach]
They are also called Doja in Korean. They are warm fruit with sweet and sour taste. They are classified into white peach and yellow peach. For fresh fruit, juicy and soft white peaches are mostly us...
[Nari Peach]
Nari peaches are soft and high in taste, scent and sweetness with bright colors. Therefore, they have obtained Chungcheongnam Province’s one-and-only Premium Q-Mark (Quality Guaranteed by the Governo...
[Duryun Smurf village's peaches]
The peaches of our village are highly sweet with bright colors and are high-quality as selected mechanically. Also, as they are alkali food with abundant Vitamin A content, they enhance the appetite ...
[Neungju Peaches]
Peaches are best cultivated in huge diurnal difference of temperatures and good drainages. Neungju providing all the optimum climate conditions produces high-quality and brightly colored peaches.
[Yanggak peaches]
Peach is believed to be wizard's fruit that prolongs one's life by 100 years. There are two kinds of peach, white peach and yellow peach. White peach is tender, juicy and sweet.
[Sannae peaches]
The Sannae peach is cultivated in the mountain district. The soil and climate conditions of Sannae is suitable. Its sugar content is very high, The flesh is soft and it's aroma is good.
[Whanggol Peach]
Character and medical effect.Whanggol peach is high sweet degree and the color is good. Assorting by apparatus make high qualified goods.Also, vitamin A is rich in Whanggol peach and it is alkalinity ...
[Shinbuk peaches]
Youngam district provides a good environment to raise peaches with its red-yellow earth, plentiful daylight and all- year- round rain. The peaches of this district have high levels of sweetness, good ...
[Nagan igok peaches]
Peach tree belongs to the rose department. Its original place is China and it was distributed to Persia and it became widespread. Korean imported this fruit earlier from China and active cultivation...
[Saseonnyeo Peaches]
Peach, which is cultivated in the clean area of Imsil, has a high level of sugar, soft flesh, and plenty of juice because of wide daily range. It is good for recovering from fatigue in summer, stimula...
[Wondong peaches]
A type of peach which is cultivated in Wondong Orchard Village is “changbang”, which is recognized as the best peach even in Seoul. The peach is succeeding the old fame of Jeonju peach
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